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    IntraMAX | Health | Liquid Multivitamin | Anti-Aging | All-In-One Nutrition
  • Minoxidil | Hair growth | Hair treatment
    Baldness | Rogaine | Hair Growth

    Sure Gain

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Pharmacist Guaranteed
Natural Medicine

Pharmacist advising medication to senior patient.
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I don’t know what’s in these stop smoking pills that makes it work so well. All I know is I quit and don’t want to smoke anymore so now I’m going to try your skinny pills!


This IntraMax is great, it has everything in it. It’s absolutely excellent, especially with energy.


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Red Carpet Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy and for your convenience and online pharmacy specializing in natural medicine, holistic medicine, drug compounding and medication bubble packing service. We are located in Acworth Georgia providing prescription and integrative medicine services to the surrounding areas.

Want to talk to one of our Pharmacists? Have questions about any medicine products?

Call Today! 770.529.9277

We feature the following convenient services:
Free Delivery (In Acworth Georgia)
Fast Free Shipping on Orders $75 and Over
Bio-Identical / Veterinary Compounding
Easy Flex Pay Billing

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