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  • Promotes Healthy Cholesterol Levels

  • Multidimensional Support for Cardiovascular Health

  • Preserves Arterial Health and Elasticity

  • Supports Healthy CoQ-10 Levels



Bergamot BPF offers similar heart benefits as statins WITHOUT side effects and without a prescription. It contains the highest concentration of fat-metabolizing polyphenols on the market which offers anti-inflammatory benefits along with a host of benefits to your arteries, liver, circulation and energy. “Don’t fall for the cholesterol hoax” comments Dr. Doris Rapp MD




Citrus Bergamot BPF Benefits


The Bergamot extract, while it comes from juice in the citrus fruit (parent to the orange), can actually benefit cholesterol levels. This extract can lower cholesterol as much as the notorious “statin” drugs. This is because the extract balances the same enzyme in the liver that “statin” drugs do. As a result, taking Bergamot BPF capsules is more desirable for cholesterol control because it does not cause ANY side effects.

In addition, this citrus extract avoids the dreaded muscle pain side effect. Another added benefit of the extract is its preservation of co-enzyme Q10. Co-Q10 is an essential nutrient the heart uses to keep beating. While statins decrease Co-Q10 levels, Bergamot does quite the opposite.  This makes Bergamot BPF thus the perfect type of extract. You get the combined safety and benefits of the Citrus fruit while having the power of once-daily capsules. Hence many will see control of cholesterol to an astonishing degree in as little as six weeks.

Many may feel inclined to try popular tablets for hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol). But since cholesterol treatment involves complex chemistry it’s best to take a proven cholesterol supplement. Anyone can be successful in lowering their cholesterol, but the best plan is to make lifestyle changes. Although the gains from lifestyle changes are small these changes work best with a little help from nature. Plain and simple, the Bergamot BPF capsule is a pro for cholesterol control and can outperform any “statin” pill. Most of all it has no side effects which make it perfect for cholesterol care. “Where can I buy Bergamot” you ask? You’ve come to the right place. Simply read some of the reviews clients have left about what our supplement has done for their cholesterol levels.



13 reviews for Bergamot BPF

  1. Barbara

    When my cholesterol reached 280 I started taking this by the pharmacist advice. After taking for several months it has been dropping slowly, and consistently, recently being measured at 225. I never thought my cholesterol would drop 55 points without having to take prescriptions!

  2. Charles H.

    It took several bottles but when I first started on this my ‘bad’ cholesterol labs was 190 and 240. Even with forgetting to take this here and there my numbers went down to 115 and 163 for my last cholesterol labs. This was well worth the try for me, so I told my sister about Bergamot and she’s now taking it.

  3. Harold

    Found out about Bergamot in a magazine. I got the ok from my doctor to try this and it has been a great way to control my cholesterol. This has definitely done the trick for me.

  4. CK

    I’m pleased to see everything I was told by the pharmacist about Bergamot is true. Within a few weeks I started to see results. Glad to find a cholesterol pill without side effects, I’d recommend this to everyone

  5. Tammy B

    Bergamot has done an excellent job controlling my cholesterol. I’m impressed with it because as a nurse I know the nasty side effects statins cause. I used Bergamot for 2 months with no problems.

  6. Reverend Posey Starkey

    Before starting Bergamot in June of last year my bad cholesterol was 212 and triglycerides were 330. After taking Bergamot for 3 months my readings dropped to 186 LDL and 150 triglycerides!! I haven’t had such low readings in 15 years!

  7. Fay Smith

    I am a supporter of Red Carpet Pharmacy. I have been plagued with high cholesterol problems for many years. I have tried all the cholesterol lowering drugs but always had problems with the effect it had on my muscles. Back in January 2017 my total cholesterol was 291, triglycerides 221, HDL 43 and LDL 204 with a cholesterol ratio of 6.8. I was impressed on my visit to Red Carpet Pharmacy. After discussing my cholesterol problems with the pharmacist, he advised me to try Bergamot BPF. After taking 2 bottles as directed I had my labs taken with astounding results as follows: Total cholesterol 228, triglycerides 121, HDL 44, LDL 160 with a cholesterol ratio of 5.2. I will continue to use Bergamot to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. I am now on my 3rd bottle and recommending Bergamot to my friend in New York

  8. Patricia Redmond

    Bergamot helped me come off my statins. It took awhile but along with diet and exercise, I was able to be statin free after 6 months. Doctor and I were both surprised to see how well this worked

  9. Derek B

    I was told to try this product by my doctor to help lower cholesterol. I have been taking it for almost 9 months and my numbers have improved

  10. Patricia Robinson

    Bergamot helped me come off my statins. It took awhile but along with diet and exercise, I was able to be statin free after 6 months. Doctor and I were both surprised to see how well this worked.

  11. Betty D

    I hate statins. I cannot use them and I refuse to go back. Thankfully I found this product so I don’t have to. It took awhile to work but after 3 months, I did see my numbers go down and I am so glad. Thanks for reccommending this product.

  12. E.M.

    I’ve been taking Bergamot BPF for 6 months along with my statin because my cholesterol labs were still very high at 426. Upon literally my next bloodwork check my lab reading dropped to 165! So for me this worked really well

  13. Derek

    I was told to try this product by my doctor to help lower cholesterol. I have been taking it for almost 9 months and my numbers have improved.

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