Why choose our pharmacy

Dr. Jimi Sharomi has always envisioned revolutionizing community pharmacy practice. From the first time he entered a pharmacy with his father at age 16, he was inspired to play an integral role in the health of the community. It has been Dr. Sharomi’s aim to provide the quality service you can expect from a pharmacist with an emphasis on holistic care.

Dr. Sharomi graduated Cum Laude from the Florida A&M University with a doctor of pharmacy degree and distinguished himself with nutritional electives during his education. Since then he has actively been involved in researching orthomolecular medicine and helping to educate the public about effective nutrition and supplementation.

Dr. Sharomi is the founder and executive chairman of Red Carpet Pharmacy located in Acworth, GA. His practice has merged safe medication use, holistic health, customer service, convenience, and technology into one unbeatable brand.

As a pharmacist, Dr. Sharomi emphasizes the use of natural therapy, whole foods and dietary changes to achieve optimal health. He is delighted to help provide natural health solutions on an individualized basis and finds positive feedback from his clientele rewarding. It his belief that functional medicine is superior in quality to conventional medicine but agrees that conventional medicine finds its necessity in cases of urgent care. Dr. Sharomi welcomes you to experience health in ways that you never believed possible, at the only pharmacy in Acworth to have a licensed pharmacist providing expert advice on natural remedies.

A Message From Dr. Sharomi:

For every serious malady, for every dreaded disease, there are countries in the world that have never had to endure it or have had to correct it. There are indeed nutritional solutions, even compounded prescriptions, which can be used to effectively combat these diseases.

Consider this – in 1931 Dr. Otto Warbug received the Nobel prize in medicine for having conclusively proven that cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygen enriched environment. In 1993, Dr. William Reich did his own research and affirmed the same conclusion. Delivering more oxygen through the bloodstream is a solution that still works.

Before you consider an invasive procedure, or any other serious approach to solving any serious malady you or your family member may be suffering, we suggest that you investigate any alternative solutions along the lines of those mentioned above. We take the guesswork out of selecting the right product and how to take it…we even take the risk of failed therapy off of you because if our treatment recommendations don’t work after proper use we will refund you every penny you paid for it!