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  • CONTROLS BLOOD SUGAR - High blood sugar levels can lead to serious health problems. This herbal supplement helps lower blood sugar, improve fasting glucose and improve sugar metabolism.

  • REGULATES A1C - The A1c test measures the amount of glucose in your blood over the past three months. In people without diabetes, it should be less than 5%. If you have diabetes, your goal is an A1c level below 7%.

  • MAINTAIN HEALTHY WEIGHT - If you have high blood sugar levels and are trying to lose weight, this product is for you! It helps increase your metabolism of carbohydrates while keeping your blood sugar in check.

  • IMPROVE ENERGY LEVELS - If you suffer from low energy levels due to high blood sugar, this product will help. It works by supporting the pancreas and improving insulin sensitivity. You'll feel more energetic without the jittery feeling of stimulants like caffeine or ephedrine.



Berberine 500 an overview

Berberine 500 a bio-chemical present in many plants for example goldenseal, Oregon grape, tree turmeric, European barberry and phellodendron. It is mostly ingested orally for controlling huge amounts of cholesterol, fatty acids or lipids inside the body, high blood pressure and managing diabetes. It is also used to cure skin burns and canker sores. Theoretically, Berberine 500 is a type of alkaloids which is yellow in color and frequently used as colorant. Latest scientific studies indicated that Berberine 500 has numerous health benefits. Up till now several experiments have been conducted on berberine 500. Whenever it is ingested first of all it enters in the blood of body and eventually transferred to the cells. Within the body cell it gets attach with variety of molecular marks and alter their functions correspondingly. Most of the medicines have similar procedures. Within the cells it stimulates AMPK enzyme (AMP- activated protein kinase). This enzyme is significantly known as “metabolic main control”. This enzyme is typically present in liver, kidney, heart, brain and muscle. Also it helps in regulating the body’s metabolism process. It also known to generate sturdier heart beat rate. Hence it is effective for patients with low heart beat rate. Besides it assist to regular blood sugar level inside the body.

Benefits of this ingredient

  1. Berberine 500 is an excellent natural supplement to control body weight. In a research conducted on obese individual, it is given 3 times a day for about 12 weeks. Thus result in the loss of 5 pounds of their weight. Ultimately it enhance the working of fat controlling hormones such as leptin and adiponectin.
  2. This is known to lowers the levels of cholesterole in the body by terminating PCSK9 enzyme which remove low density lipoproteins from the bloodstream.
  3. It also used for the treatment of diabetes by decreasing confrontation and enhancing the rate of glycolysis. Berberine 500 fight against depression, cancer causing cells and protect from viral and bacterial infections.

- SUPPORTS HEALTHY BLOOD PRESSURE -  Ingredients in No Pressur help to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. This will help energy levels so you feel your best every day and keep your heart functioning optimally.

- OPEN BLOOD VESSELS - By helping to open up the blood vessels the body can better dispose of toxins and improve circulation, No Pressur can help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

- PRESERVE CORONARY ARTERIES - High blood pressure damages your arteries over time. No Pressur helps to preserve your coronary arteries by maintaing their elasticity and integrity, keeping them healthy and functioning properly.

- NO SIDE EFFECTS - Unlike harmful chemicals, No Pressur does not cause drowsiness or other negative side effects. It's 100% natural, and effective for all ages!

- SAFE FOR MOST PEOPLE TO TAKE - Unlike other supplements on the market, No Pressur is safe for people to take long term. It has no known hazardous effects on the body, so you can feel confident when ordering.

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