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ROSAVIN is a natural supplement derived from the Rhodiola plant found in the Arctic regions of Eastern Siberia. ROSAVIN is in a rare class of herbs called adaptogens, which work by finding chemical imbalances (especially in the brain) and restoring balance by stimulating the body mentally and physically. ROSAVIN has extensive use among physicians and naturalists alike to correct mental health challenges.

  • Increases attention and altertness
  • Enhances learning ability & memory
  • Supports brains metabolic needs
  • Decreases mental fatigue & stress
  • Fights depression and anxiety
  • Increases energy
  • Enhances mood
  • Improves libido & sexual performance

Young children have used this brain-boosting wonder to see their grades rising, to remember project deadlines and class room lectures, they even found it easier to learn hard concepts while on Rosavin.

Wives have used it to bring passion back into their marriage and men have used it to perform recordbreaking feats in sports that landed them in the Guinness book of world records. Yes, this is the ONE when it comes to better mental and physical performance!



ROSAVIN improves brain functions through a number of different mechanisms. At the cellular level, its arsenal of antioxidants prevents free radical damage to energy-producing mitochondria, DNA, and cell membranes. Studies suggest that it also increases production of the high-energy molecules that transport energy… to keep brain cells running and to fuel cellular repair. In brain cells, this prevents mental fatigue, maintains focus, and enhances intellectual functioning. ROSAVIN also stimulates a network of nerves in the brainstem, which literally wakes up the brain, increases attention and alertness, and raises the levels of brain chemicals essential for intellectual activity, regulation of mood and emotion, organization and planning, and inhibition of impulsivity. Furthermore, ROSAVIN helps prevent the excess release of stress hormones (e.g. cortisol) which can damage brain cells.

6 reviews for Rosavin

  1. Cheryl Davis

    I began using Rosavin after observing one of my students losing significant weight without trying. A co-worker began using it saying it was the newest type of adaptogen of its kind on the market. After a few weeks I began to notice changes. I became more organized in my thoughts. That is the most significant change I have encountered. Additionally, I have anti-depressants that cause some decline in my libido. Since taking Rosavin, my sexual experiences have been increasingly enjoyable. It has changed my life.

  2. Margaret Calloway

    I have been on several types of anti-dpressants for anxiety and depression. The reactions to the medication are terrible. While reading a book called “The Secrets of Staying Young”, I learned about the benefits of taking this great adaptogen. Well, let me tell you, I am now a believer of this remarkable herb. With permission from my doctor, he has taken me of the antidepressants and has noticed a great improvement on my mental outlook.

  3. Al P.

    For the past several years, I had noticed my memory slowly slipping away. I pride myself on remembering what people say and whre I have been. So when my short-term memory was slowly going, I panicked. My family doctor wanted me to be tested for Alzheimer’s and to start taking medication. I spoke with my son who is a Naturopathic Doctor and he suggested an herb from Russia called Rhodiola. I started taking this herb and my memory became sharper and clearer within 3 weeks. Now not only do I remember to take Rosavin, I also remember where I left it.

  4. Troy H

    I’ve been using this for the past year in college and it has made a big improvement in my grades. Told my dad about this and he’s trying it for the energy

  5. Miriam

    Rosavin has been EXCELLENT for my daughter! Well worth twice the price since she’s doing so well

  6. Aaron

    My wife always has me stop and pick up a bottle of this, it keeps her more relaxed which keeps me more relaxed

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