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Did you know your organs have designated times for tune up and repair? Incidentally these designated times are all during hours you should be sleeping. So if you’re not getting good sleep, your body may be suffering…

Health problems, money problems, family, your work, prescription drug interactions; all are big reasons that keep you up at night or disturb your sleep.

The bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary. But lately you’re wearing your sheets thin tossing, turning, fussing and fidgeting… just PRAYING for a few peaceful minutes of sleep. And each tick of the clock is a cruel reminder that you’re STILL waiting for your sleep aid to kick in. And how does that pill work again? When in need, trudge to the bathroom, pour a glass of water, and choke down one or two sleeping pills; then repeat each night until addicted…?

When you think of getting a good night’s sleep from a non-habit forming sleeping pill what comes to mind? Perhaps you might think of Melatonin sleeping pills or a Valerian sleep aid. Even though you may find Melatonin over the counter, Melatonin sleeping pills may not be the best sleep supplement for you. This is because Melatonin is unlike other vitamins for sleep, it is actually a hormone, one that can cause damage to the brain once levels in the blood become too high.  Thus Melatonin and Valerian can be seen as a sleep aid medication more than natural sleeping pills that have no side effects. This is certainly not what most people want to hear about a natural sleep aid.

In comparison, we recommend Nervona, a natural sleep aid that relaxes the brain instead of reducing its function. Safe sleep aids like Nervona is your best option because it relieves stress in the brain. Traditional sleep aid pills, in contrast to this all natural sleep aid alter brain signals which often becomes habit forming. So if you are looking for natural sleep supplements that only deliver nature’s sleep, then you want Nervona.


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