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  • Provides Support for Serotonin Production

  • Promotes a Balanced and Positive Mood

  • Supports Normal Appetite

  • Promotes Healthy and Deeper Sleep



5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is a precursor to serotonin, a brain neurotransmitter associated with the feeling of well-being.



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To order this item, please call for a free consult with our pharmacy staff.

  • Provides Support for Serotonin Production

  • Promotes a Balanced and Positive Mood

  • Supports Normal Appetite

  • Promotes Healthy and Deeper Sleep


5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is a precursor to serotonin, a brain neurotransmitter associated with the feeling of well-being.

  • Provides Strong Immune Support

  • Eases Cold/Flu Symptoms

  • Reduces Recovery Time


Keeping your immune system working at its peak – especially in times of stress or when exposed to someone under the weather – is crucial to staying healthy. Now there is a daily maintenance program that keeps your immune system from being overwhelmed as it wins the war against your body’s enemies.




Everything from crowded elevators and ATM machines to doorknobs can pose health risks. Ventilation systems in office buildings act as mass transit systems for illness-causing microbes. Closed spaces, from movie theaters to airplanes, are breeding grounds for germs.

For deep immune support and protection buy VIRID. It has no side-effects or interactions with medications and is safe enough for children to use. VIRID is a clinically-developed, egg free, gluten free, professional-grade herbal medicine with FIVE potent ingredients that’s GUARANTEED to put a stop the flu before it ever starts. Just one of the powerful key ingredients, Black Elderberry, was used by Native Americans to survive the harsh winters long before modern medicine. In fact, Israeli virologist Dr. Madeliene Mumcuoglu was responsible for having the rare accomplishment of awarding this substance. A therapeutic patent and her research led to its official registration in the United States Pharmacopoeia.


But it doesn’t end there, VIRID, actually provides relief of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, fatigue, chills, sore throat, fever and body aches should you contract the flu. Vaccines do NOT provide this benefit if you get the flu.  Additionally, VIRID stimulates the immune system with ingredients like Echinacea that go beyond symptomatic relief. It helps eliminate the root cause of illness. With such an effective alternative available, why would you allow anyone in your family to become a statistic to the flu vaccine? Buy VIRID today if you want SAFEGUARANTEED protection from the flu.

  • Fights depressing and anxious thoughts - Good Spirits adaptogenic herbs work to maintain brain chemistry balance.

  • Enhances mood - Good Spirits lifts mood by promoting positive signals in the brain.

  • Decreases mental fatigue & stress - Good Spirits provides antioxidant protection to reduce brain stress.

  • Supports brains metabolic needsGood Spirits improves brain metabolism to promote mental health.


GOOD SPIRITS is a natural supplement derived from the Rhodiola plant found in the Arctic regions of Eastern Siberia and South American Camu Camu. GOOD SPIRITS is in a rare class of herbs called adaptogens, which work by finding chemical imbalances (especially in the brain) and restoring balance by stimulating the body mentally and physically. The ingredients in  GOOD SPIRITS has extensive use among physicians and naturalists alike to correct mental health challenges.



GOOD SPIRITS improves brain functions through a number of different mechanisms. At the cellular level, its arsenal of antioxidants prevents free radical damage to energy-producing mitochondria, DNA, and cell membranes. Studies suggest that it also increases production of the high-energy molecules that transport energy… to keep brain cells running and to fuel cellular repair. In brain cells, this prevents mental fatigue, maintains focus, and enhances intellectual functioning. GOOD SPIRITS also stimulates a network of nerves in the brainstem, which literally wakes up the brain, increases attention and alertness, and raises the levels of brain chemicals essential for intellectual activity, regulation of mood and emotion, organization and planning, and inhibition of impulsivity. Furthermore, GOOD SPIRITS helps prevent the excess release of stress hormones (e.g. cortisol) which can damage brain cells.
  • Helps you sleep more deeply and stay asleep

  • Wake up refreshed, calm, and without the groggy morning feeling

  • Sleep soundly without the dangers of synthetic chemicals

  • Eases symptoms of anxiety and stress

  • Promotes clearer mind and better memory function





Did you know your organs have designated times for tune up and repair? Incidentally these designated times are all during hours you should be sleeping. So if you’re not getting good sleep, your body may be suffering…

Health problems, money problems, family, your work, prescription drug interactions; all are big reasons that keep you up at night or disturb your sleep.

The bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary. But lately you’re wearing your sheets thin tossing, turning, fussing and fidgeting… just PRAYING for a few peaceful minutes of sleep. And each tick of the clock is a cruel reminder that you’re STILL waiting for your sleep aid to kick in. And how does that pill work again? When in need, trudge to the bathroom, pour a glass of water, and choke down one or two sleeping pills; then repeat each night until addicted…?

When you think of getting a good night's sleep from a non-habit forming sleeping pill what comes to mind? Perhaps you might think of Melatonin sleeping pills or a Valerian sleep aid. Even though you may find Melatonin over the counter, Melatonin sleeping pills may not be the best sleep supplement for you. This is because Melatonin is unlike other vitamins for sleep, it is actually a hormone, one that can cause damage to the brain once levels in the blood become too high.  Thus Melatonin and Valerian can be seen as a sleep aid medication more than natural sleeping pills that have no side effects. This is certainly not what most people want to hear about a natural sleep aid.

In comparison, we recommend Nervona, a natural sleep aid that relaxes the brain instead of reducing its function. Safe sleep aids like Nervona is your best option because it relieves stress in the brain. Traditional sleep aid pills, in contrast to this all natural sleep aid alter brain signals which often becomes habit forming. So if you are looking for natural sleep supplements that only deliver nature's sleep, then you want Nervona.

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