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CitraNox is a unique blend of nutrients that provide support to the cardiac function of the arteries. Stress on human arteries while aging is healthy. This stress affects proper cardiac functionality. The proliferation of vascular smooth muscles, reduced circulating Nitric Oxide, or also contraction of vital coronary arteries is the outcome of this stress. CitraNox plays its role in reducing this stress on highways by maintaining the inflammatory balance, nitric oxide levels, providing strength to muscles, and also regulating the vasodilatation in coronary arteries.

Citra NOX Uses a combination of h L-Citrulline, quercetin, and also grape seed extract. It delivers support in the full spectrum. This product supports the inflammation balance, elasticity of arteries, nitric oxide levels, and also blood flow in the arteries of the heart. It is a power pack formula for those looking for something to increase their cardiovascular health.


L –Citrulline:

It is an important molecule responsible for converting ammonia into urea producing Nitric Oxide in turn. It acts as a precursor of L-arginine, used by endothelial nitric oxide synthase to produce Nitric Oxide.

Quercetin Dihydrate:

It is a flavonoid, abundantly fount in many botanical products, fruits, and also vegetables. It exhibits antioxidant properties and also actively normalizes the inflammatory balance.

Mega Natural BP Grape Seed Extract:

It is a premium extract of white grape seeds, typically from California. The phenol compound found in this extract promotes health, mainly cardiovascular health.

Benefits of citranox:

  • It provides multidimensional support
  • This product maintains optimal blood pressure.
  • It boosts immunity.
  • This product regulates the flow of blood in arteries.
  • It maintains Nitric Oxide levels too.
  • This product enhances the circulation of Nitric Oxide.
  • It maintains the elasticity of endothelial cells.
  • This product acts to preserve the coronary arteries.


Four capsules of CitraNox can be taken per day, or also, as prescribed by your doctor.


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11 reviews for CitraNOX

  1. Michael

    This product was suggested to me by the pharmacist, and it works! After taking this I check my blood pressure and it’s always within normal range. At my age that’s impressive. I’m surprised CitraNox pretty much worked as soon as I started on it. Good stuff

  2. Esther Campbell

    I love it when I know something is actually working for my blood pressure. Citranox does what it’s supposed to, nothing less

  3. DT

    This is a good product, I see a big difference when I remember to take it. It definitely improves blood flow and pressure

  4. Jane R

    This product is very effective and better than wasting money on a hand full of pills that barely help.

  5. Pat

    Works as described. No complaints, my doctor cleared me to try this since other things stopped working and running out of options. Lucky to find this place

  6. Heather F.

    I’m so excited about my readings. My doctor said this was the best she’s seen on my check up in years! She thought I’m taking the new —- but I didn’t tell her I never got it. I’m trying to do the natural route and this delivered on everything, even my sugar was better than ever. So happy I found this, working on my weight now too!

  7. Latonya

    Not big on taking these but it’s been working real well for my husband and I’m trying to cut back on my —-. Hope I do as well on it.

  8. Eddie

    A bit larger in size but easy to swallow, no after taste either. Seems to be helping with my BP

  9. Courtney

    I’m in my late 20’s and blood pressure issues run in my family. Instead of falling in line with the rest and taking what the doctor prescribed, I wanted to go naturally. I started taking Cardio 911 and changing my diet (less salt, meat, fast food). All good things come with time and it did take awhile but eventually I got my numbers down and they have stayed down! Thankful I found a healthy alternative to —- —-.

  10. Julie

    My husband and I both have high blood pressure and have been happy with this product. It has lowered our numbers and kept them at a healthy low.

  11. Greg Bowler

    At my last doctors appointment, my doctor wanted to add yet another —- to try to lower my blood pressure. I made up my mind that I had enough. I started to look up natural supplements and found Cardio 911 and decided to try it. After taking it for awhile, I started coming OFF my —-! I am truly pleased with how well this has worked for me.

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