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Imagine this – a natural medicine that has been around for thousands of years that is PROVEN to fight bad bacteria, viruses, parasites and microscopic fungi. So amazing is this natural botanical that Natural Life-Extension Research Institute calls it “Natures Secret for Vibrant Health and Long Life.”




What Is This Special Product?




It is called…Olive Leaf Extract (OLIVFACTOR). In fact, the Bible referred to it as “The Tree of Life.” In Greek myth, it was attributed to the goddess Athena, who endowed with the power to illuminate the darkness, soothe wounds, restore libido, heal illness, and provide nourishment (in fact, when she and Poseidon were fighting over the city of Athens, it was decided that whoever gave the most useful gift to the city would be declared the winner – and her olive tree proved more worthy than Poseidon’s gift of a snow white horse).









Olive leaves offer the one, TRUE natural and non-toxic way to eliminate illnesses arising from viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, protozoa, worms, flukes and other parasites. Ingredients in olive leaves work against those specific microbes causing croup, cytomegalovirus, dengue fever, diptheria, ear infections, lung infections, sinus infections, gut infections, Legionnaires disease, dental infections, endocarditis, lice, leprosy, infant botulism, UTI and even HIV.




In 1969, research scientists at Upjohn, a major American pharmaceutical company, found that one ingredient in olive leaf extract, calcium elenolate, destroyed every harmful virus, bacteria , yeast, fungi and protozoa it was exposed to in vitro (in the test tube). Included in this group of germs that were eradicated are those that cause herpes infections, skin diseases, candidiasis, malaria, flu, and even the common cold.









How does it work? We humans have an elaborate immune system that acts as a coat of armor, protecting us from the billions of disease-causing organisms. When an injury occurs or an overabundance of physical or mental stress weakens your immune system, these germs are able to get a stronghold. Olive leaf extract destroys EVERY type of germ, thus it supports and boosts your immune system through this process. Read as one patient shares her experience with OLIVFACTOR:




“I had been to the dermatologist on many occasions and received drugs which did not work permanently but only sent the rash away for a period of time. Sadly, I had only turned to the Olive Leaf extract after my dermatologist told me that they could not give me any more drugs because they would destroy my liver in the long run. Olive leaf extract sent my rash away in three days and it never came back. I wish I had known about olive leaf extract before taking dangerous drugs. Since then I have recommended olive leaf to numerous people for a variety of infections and they have all had good results. I cannot stress enough the importance of using olive leaf extract as a natural antibiotic rather than using chemical antibiotics which would tend to destroy your immune system.” – Elaine





Though there are many extracts of Olive Leaf on the market, only the ORIGINAL extract has been trusted by doctors and practitioners because it contains the HIGHEST POTENCY of Olive Leaf in the industry. OLIVFACTOR is independently lab tested to assure quality and purity in every germ-killing dose. That’s why one client stopped by to say: “I had a cough for months that never cleared no matter what I took. But after a couple of weeks taking OlivFactor it completely cleared up so I came to buy another bottle for my neighbor who has the same problem.” – Lisa.










This patented Original extract was so well established in the medical community Upjohn Pharmacia was set to market it as a prescription product but abandoned it due to expenses. So OLIVFACTOR remains available to the public without a prescription. Get the OLIVFACTOR today so you can feel better!



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