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Membrin is specially formulated to support the overall cognitive function of the brain. Aging is the most significant factor! It leads to changes in brain processing, especially an ability of self-expression, re-calling particular event or organization of thoughts and also connectivity among neurons via neuron-transmitters. Many factors contribute to brain cognitive health as a lifestyle, nutritional deficiency, free-radical damage, or also emotional stress.

Membrin is formulated by a unique blend of vinpocetine and also Ginko Biloba, which increases the flow of blood in cerebral. It decreases excitotoxicity and free-radical damage. It exhibits phosphodiesterase, which is beneficial to improve memory. Membrin provides multi-dimensional support for cognitive health via nutrients like acetylcholine and also huperzine A.


Ginkgo Biloba:

It is a botanical extract. It provides protection to overall neurons functionality, increases cerebral circulation, and also protects neurons from hypoxic conditions and damage caused by oxidants.


It is an extract of West African plant Voacanga Africana that produces tabersonine. It creates a complete neuroprotection mechanism and regulates vasodilating activities. The healthy antioxidants in Membrin relax cerebral muscles and tissues.

Huperzine A:

This component is deriving from Club Moss-China. It is proven beneficial in improving memory. This component of Membrin is useful for long term retention of memories.


  • It is formulating to support the overall cognitive health of the brain.
  • This product protects neurons from Free Radical Damage.
  • It regulates and enhances the flow of blood in the brain.
  • This product is prove beneficial in improving memory.
  • It provides support against targeted antioxidants in the brain.
  • This product is characterize to cross the blood-brain barriers.
  • It acts as a vasorelaxant to brain tissues and also muscles.
  • This product improves conductivity and also communication among neurons.
  • It enhances brain glucose uptake.


One capsule of Membrin daily is recommending, or as prescribed by your health care practitioner.


2 reviews for Membrin

  1. Margot

    This definitely made a difference for me. It helps me stay “on” mentally so I can properly tutor my students

  2. David

    I was diagnosed with having lesions on nerve cells that lead to my foggy thinking and forgetfulness. I tried this product and am amazed by how quickly this worked and boosted my cognition. I truly doubted it would work because I bought a lot of other things that claimed to boost memory but never made a single difference so I’m really happy with it. I told a few of my friends about this and will continue to buy it

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