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  • Fast Results!

  • Serum: 2+ Month Supply

  • Shampoo: 4-6 Month Supply

  • Stops Hair Loss

  • Revives Hair Follicles

  • Thickens Existing Hair

  • Supports New Hair Growth




SURE GAIN is a fast acting liquid-gel that starts to work immediately on the causes of hair loss and baldness. This is a powerfully effective formula for men or women and it is easy to use. Simply place it on thinning hair areas once before bedtime and you will wake up each morning with small new gains. You are GUARANTEED to see results with SURE GAIN.




Hair Growth

Hair loss can be a problem for both men and women. Many people find it embarrassing, but it doesn’t have to be an unmanageable issue. Treatment is available, and most applications are incredibly simple. Most cases won’t require anything extreme, and medicine has come a long way over the years. Whether you’re suffering due to genetics, age, a medical condition, or simply stress, we can guide you to the best hair growth products. Be sure to do a bit of research and ask your doctor for a recommendation. You may not even require a prescription in order to start treating your hair loss. There are plenty of over-the-counter solutions, and many of them have been shown to be effective. Are you looking for the best hair growth products? It doesn’t have to be a hopeless battle, and you never have to simply accept your hair loss as an inevitable reality. You can do something about it.

But there’s good news! Despite the thousands of sanctions by the F.T.C. against companies making false claims about hair growth, there is a hair growth solution that WON’T damage or burn your scalp, WON’T cost you thousands like at a medical spa, WON’T take nearly a year or more to grow hair and most important…WON’T Be A Waste Of Your Hard Earned Money!

21 reviews for Sure Gain

  1. Conni

    I apologized to my husband. When he brought this hair product home I was mad. I thought he was throwing away money on another worthless product. But after about 5 weeks I did notice his hair was growing and I didn’t know he volunteered to test it but I wouldn’t mind him paying for it now, I can see it with my own eyes

  2. Barry W

    I only tried this formula because the pharmacist hasn’t steered my wrong in the past. I didn’t mind helping because he has helped my wife and I on several issues past. Anyhow besides the strong smell I think it’s a fantastic product. Works as expected, no complaints

  3. Rita

    You’ll never know how much it means to see my hair coming back. Men don’t understand how embarrassing this is for a woman; to me this wasn’t just a cosmetic issue. This helped a lot and I told my entire family about this place

  4. Ben S.

    This did work a little but its slow for me to tell for sure. May try to add the shampoo to see if it helps faster growth next time

  5. Kyle Marsh

    Works a lot better than I thought this would. I’m thinking this will take a month or so before I see anything. First week of using this I noticed more hair. Other spots in worse condition taking more time but still showing results. Helping the patchy spots in my beard too. This really works fast

  6. Angela Camp

    Sure Gain is fantastic, these should be front page news! On my second round now and hair is pretty much completely full and stronger than before.

  7. Damien Hurd

    Best hair growth product I’ve ever used! Bought this on a whim while talking to the pharmacist about vitamins, didn’t know it would work so fast. It was either this or surgery next and I’m glad I found out about this first. Easy to use, works like a charm and doesn’t take a whole lot or have side effects like the prescription stuff I used to take. Great product, they’ve got a repeat customer here for sure

  8. Hank Friedman

    I can’t say enough good things about this. I’m starting to look like I did in my 20’s again, except this time I have more hair because that’s when I started balding. Definitely worth the money and I’ll stick with it to maintain

  9. Caitlin

    At first I was concerned with how well this product would work until I saw my boyfriend’s experience. He saw great results with his hair growth so I decided to try some for myself. We have both been pleased with this product.

  10. Brad

    This is the REAL DEAL! Works as advertised, amazing stuff

  11. Leslie T.

    I no longer have split ends, my hair has stopped breaking or falling out and I’m sprouting all over the place. I love this stuff! Going to recommend to my sister

  12. David

    I am 38 years old and baldness/thinning runs in my family so I decided to start using this product now to try to keep what I have and grow back what I’ve already lost. It as worked great for me and I have been reccommending it to my dad and his brothers.

  13. Stephen T.

    I have never used topical treatment for my thinning hair. In the past few years I have noticed my hair getting more thin and I hate it. I have been using this product for a few months now and I am happy with the results. It does not grow back overnight, it takes time but it is worth the wait.

  14. Brianna Waldrop

    I’ve been using Sure Gain formula and Shampoo for two months and I’m impressed with the results! My hairline has grew back in and the middle of my scalp has hair now! I’m a happy woman, and I’m happy I did my research and found this product.

  15. Peter

    Been using Sure Gain for only 2 weeks now to help with hair growth. Happy to see some positive signs but there hasn’t been any significant growth. I have started seeing where it is coming in and I am so excited to see what it does in a few months.

  16. Jessica

    My hair is growing like crazy, and has thickened a lot!

  17. Tim S

    A friend encouraged me to try this product for thinning and hair loss on the crown of my head. I applied it directly to my trouble spot maybe 3 times a week for about 4 weeks and I had peach fuzz like hairs growing in. I used it for about three months consistently and now six months later the crown of my head has completely filled in. This product really worked for me .

  18. Michael

    I adore it! I used this oil on my scalp. I started losing my hair, like in male-pattern baldness, on the top front facets. Now I actually have small hairs growing in that spot

  19. Martin

    Used it with beard roller and been seeing my beard get thicker and darker.

  20. Terry

    I am in my late 20s and have started noticing that my hair is thinning. I have been using for about 3 months and have noticed a big difference! I went to get my hair cut the other day and my hair stylist even noticed a difference without me saying a thing.

  21. Kira

    This stuff works great on my husband. The top of his head looks like a fuzzy tennis ball after using this for two months! He’s thrilled with the results.

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