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Sinatrol is a unique blend of nutrients and also botanic that provides immediate support to respiratory tracts. It is characterize to reduce sinus-related problems like clear passageways, boosting immunity, and also reducing the mucus’ viscosity. Mucus free clear sinus is require for proper circulation. A thin layer of mucus covers the lining of soft tissues in our sinuses cavities. These tissues are continuously clearing by ciliated epithelium and also thin mucus found on the masses. This removal of dust particles is knowning as mucociliary clearance. Sinatrol is characterize to increase this mucociliary clearance by decreasing the mucus build-up and also boosting the immunity during respiratory challenges seasonally.


N-Acetyl Cysteine:

This strong amino acid breaks the disulfide bond of mucus, thus, reducing its density and also increasing the sinuses clearance.

Turmeric Root:

The active compounds found in turmeric are blended with turmeric bioactive to enhance its bioavailability. The whole matrix of turmeric nutrition maintains inflammatory balance, immune balance functionality, and also increase the microbiome support.


This botanical enzyme is naturally found in pineapple’s stem and also fruit. It has a protein-digesting property that enhances the thinning of mucus in nasal cavities.

Berberine Sulfate Hydrate:

Berberine is founding in grape roots, barberry, and also goldenseal. It increases the flow of blood to spleen. Using its anti-inflammatory properties, it regulates the function in sinuses.

Licorice Root Extract:

Licorice soothes the respiratory tracts in case of respiratory irritation. It activates macrophage and also inhibits the production of reacted oxygen by neutrophils.


It supports the upper respiratory tracts and also posses immunity-boosting properties.


This herb, when used in combination with Andrographis, is beneficial to combat upper respiratory tract challenges.


It has been using to loosen phlegm, traditionally. Thymol is the main compound found in thyme to fight against pathogens of nasal and also respiratory tracts. Benefits:

  • It facilitates the breakdown of mucus.
  • This product soothes the sinuses.
  • It boosts our immunity.
  • This product is characterize to regulate the process of sinuses clearance.
  • It normalizes the mucus viscosity.
  • Sinatrol supports the microflora of sinuses.
  • It boosts immunity and also regulates the inflammatory balance in the body.

Dosage: Three capsules of Sinatrol are recommended daily or, as directed by your doctor.


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