Turiva (Turmeric)

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  • Turmeric reduces pain by interrupting pain signals

  • Eliminates inflammation

  • Blocks oxidation (anti-oxidant)

  • Helps improve cognition

  • May improve digestion

  • Assists in blood pressure control

  • Better weight management

  • Fights depression

  • Strengthens immune system

  • Has been studied for cancer fighting properties




The FDA warns: “the risk of heart attack or stroke can occur as early as the first week of using an NSAID.  So …Are you willing to DIE for Pain Relief?

Why would anyone choose to worsen or risk their health with NSAIDs while there are HIGH QUALITY, SAFE and POWERFUL pain relievers like Turiva available? Turiva is an ALL-NATURAL pain reliever that helps you work pain free, sleep pain free…and live pain free




Natural Pain Relief


Turmeric is an ALL-NATURAL pain reliever that helps you work pain free. Many people are averse to taking pain killers due to the possibility of them becoming habit-forming or addictive. Because of this, people opt for herbal or natural pain management solutions. There are many holistic pain relief medications that can be used as alternative therapies for pain. For many needs such as chronic muscle pain relief, ear pain relief,  joint pain relief, nerve pain relief or bone pain relief a strong pain relief treatment may be ideal. Herbal pain relief pills can be taken as needed, and you don’t have to worry about addiction or other harsh side effects that come with prescription pain relievers.

Many people are plagued by aching joints, and joint pain relief always seems to be an issue, especially during the winter months. Natural pain management is a viable and often recommended remedy. Holistic back pain relief can be effective, fast-acting, and may even be preferred over popular prescriptions. There are a number of alternative therapies for pain, so you don’t have to settle on just one, especially if you have yet to discover the comfort that you need. Be sure to check your local Red Carpet Pharmacy located in Acworth, GA. We also service Kennesaw, GA and the surrounding areas. Pain relief may be closer than you think.

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12 reviews for Turiva (Turmeric)

  1. Lena

    My husband has fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. He is in pain constantly. Because of a stomach ulcer, he’s not allowed to take any NSAIDS, aspirin, acetaminophen, anything for pain relief. So he really needs something to fight the inflammation. This turmeric curcumin is a relatively high dose at 750 mg. My husband normally takes two 500 mg capsules. So he has started taking this brand, but only one capsule in the am and one capsule in the pm. He reports that it has his pain at bay and he feels pretty good. He’s found no problems with this brand. The pain relief is good at 1500 mg per day total

  2. Calvin

    Years of chronic fatigue and underlying inflammation SEEMS to be waning since I began taking this stuff. Worth a try if you have chronic issues like fibromyalgia and/or similar maladies (like I did) that haven’t responded to other remedies. My life has changed

  3. Wayne

    After years of having stomach problems I was told about Curcumin by my physician who said he’s been treating patients with it and saw minimal side effects so I thought I’d try it. I take two of these in the morning and another at night which has tamed my flare ups without having to use prescriptions. I highly recommend for people with bowel inflammation problems as a boost to your meds.

  4. Keith R.

    First, I have not received any compensation or kick-backs for my review of this product. Due to a diagnosis of positional sleep apnea, I’ve been forced to sleep on my side for the past 6 months. The pressure pain that I’ve been experiencing has been unbearable to the point of keeping me up most of the night. I’ve had extreme pain in my arms, legs, hips, etc. The pain has been a direct result of the pressure that I’ve put on all of these areas due to the side sleeping. Up until now, I’ve tried using Alleve, other NSAID’s, as well as non NSAID formulas. Nothing worked until I tried the Curcumin. I take 3 capsules a day. At any rate, the only thing I know for sure is that this product is a miracle. These continue to work so well for me that I just ordered 2 more bottles. I’ve experienced absolutely no pain whatsoever since starting on them several weeks ago. I continue to be astounded by how well they work.

  5. Joseph

    These help with joint pain just as good as motrin 800. I have terrible joint pain. And these helped tremendously. There is a bit of after taste from the added pepper. But well worth the awkward taste for 5 seconds.

  6. Jude

    I pulled a tendon in my thumb. Very painful. This was recommended and it worked remarkably. If I stopped, the pain returned (until it healed). I recommended to people with neck, feet, back and hand pain. Worked for 3 out of 5 people within 24 hours. I took 3 per day then down to 1. Well worth trying if actual cause is inflammation.

  7. Nathan

    This product has been miraculous for me. Until I started taking this product I’ve been dealing with CONSISTENT EXCRUCIATING lower back pain. I go to my chiropractor regularly, use my exercise ball and recently purchased a back brace yet my pain was still abounding… It was REAL!!! I began doin research on INFLAMMATION & discovered it is/was my problem. Was reluctant to try Tumeric, yet I must say that after taking 2 per day, for 1 week, I now take 1 per day and the benefit is that I’m PAIN FREE!!!! This product is simply OUTSTANDING & I’M SO APPRECIATIVE!!!

  8. Heidi

    I am extremely happy with this product. I have been taking the capsules for a little over a week now, and my back feels considerably better. Initially I was mixing turmeric powder with applesauce, and it was nasty! The capsules make it so much easier, and I truly believe they are helping me to feel more mobile and in less pain.

  9. Deb

    My mother has very arthritic hands and when I started getting pains around the base of my thumbs I was worried that I might end up the same way. I also type at the computer some days for 8 hours straight with a few little breaks here and there. I take two of these Turmeric supplements each day. My hands feel so much better! No more pain! I’ll keep taking these on a regular basis.

  10. Janet

    I wasn’t sure this would make any difference but it really has! I bought it mainly to help with some serious elbow pain I have. I did therapy and a cortisone shot but that only lasted a little over a month and the shot was so painful I knew I would never do it again! It got back to the point where I couldn’t lift a glass with my arm because of the elbow pain. I thought, what do I have to loose because I was ready to see a pain specialist. I don’t do well with pain meds, etc. I started taking 3 pills a day with no noticed side effects or taste from the pills. I would take 1 in the morning, afternoon, & evening with or without food. In the 2nd week I noticed that my pain was less and I woke up without my elbow killing me. Then, as each day went on, it got better and I could actually lift a glass full of liquid with just the one arm! You have no idea how excited I was with that! My arm is not totally pain free now after 1 month of taking this product but it’s a pain I can now tolerate and possibly live with. I noticed that it has also help my knees not be so weak or painful.

  11. Thomas Finley

    I have been using this for two weeks at the urgent pain control dose (6 capsules) due to my extreme back and hip pain. I hope to change to the maintenance dose next week as the pain is almost gone. After five days, I was able to stop taking my —-. If you have pain that only — seem to dull, then try this and I hope you are as amazed as I was.

  12. Dale Shaefer

    After being told by doctor that I needed to have hip surgery and knee surgery I decided to research some alternatives -pain relief rather than surgery and also to stop the constant pain pill addiction! So I researched and found this Doctor’s Blend and I am now on bottles 2 and 3. Great results

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