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Are you sick of living with chronic, severe pain that flares up just about every time you breathe? Well you’re about to discover a NATURAL breakthrough for pain that can bring you POWERFUL, lasting relief in as little as 1 hour! From this moment on I want you to forget about all the “remedies” you’ve tried to relieve your pain (especially Tylenol/Advil which destroy your liver and kidneys). Forget all the times your doctor shrugged at you and said surgery was the only option besides narcotics. Because once you purchase this herbal pain reliever the FDA spends millions to keep hidden from the knowledge of US citizens… you’ll hold in your hands the answer to your prayers that will finally let you break FREE from chronic pain.



This stunning discovery called ABAYTOL is a GIANT leap forward for severe pain sufferers because it is a non-narcotic alternative for pain that has helped many people TOTALLY ELIMINATE their dependence on narcotics or other pain medicine. No more narcotics means a healthier liver, healthier heart, no chemical dependence, more regular bowel movements, no more falling asleep at work, no more visits to the doctor (and expensive drug tests) and no more hiding and locking every cabinet.





Abaytol Is Such An Extraordinary Pain Reliever




Because its active ingredient has been found by scientists at the Rochester Medical Center in New York to be a therapeutic substitute to opiate drugs like Oxycontin or Morphine. One such scientist Marc Swogger suggests: “it’s not an opiate but seems to ease opiate withdrawal and pain; unlike opiates which have a sedative effect, this seems to have a stimulating effect in moderate doses. People who have used the herb have reported that it provides pain relief but doesn’t knock them out.”




I was pleasantly surprised with the relief I saw from taking ABAYTOL. I’ve severe degenerative disc disease, cervical stenosis, and severe arthritis all over. I definitely notice a drop in my overall pain after taking this.” – Mel


[Abaytol] is very good for chronic pain.” – Leslie


I’ve had a few back surgeries but the pain is always there. Abaytol is my only medicine that isn’t prescription that actually alleviates some of the pain.”  – Dominick









Unlike Many Other So Called Pain Relievers






ABAYTOL turns off pain perception at its origin. Many exaggerated remedies for pain make unsubstantiated claims such as: “REVERSES ARTHRITIS” or “REBUILDS DAMAGED TISSUE”. But TURNING OFF PAIN at its origin means ABAYTOL doesn’t just help with only one type of pain but helps to abate ALL types of pain including back pain, bone spurs, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain syndrome, degenerative joints, diverticulitis, bone fractures, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, muscle pain, neck pain, nerve pain, sciatica, shingles, spinal cord injury, trigeminal neuralgia and much more.




Now thanks to ABAYTOL, for the first time in years, people who have put up with debilitating joint, muscle and nerve pain are now waking up pain-free and getting back to doing things they love.




“Abaytol relived the knee pain I’ve had for over 20 years. Usually when I see a product with amazing reviews, upon trying they never live up to the expectations. However this definitely lived up to my expectations and more!” Lara


“Abaytol gets a perfect 10 from me! Completely satisfied and will be a repeat customer. Thanks to the pharmacist for recommending to me, I’ve also recommended to my brother.” – Donald




Why Bother With The Same Old Tired Remedies




When you can have the first REAL breakthrough for pain that comes without side effects (unlike most pain medicine). Why risk your health by taking addictive narcotics that destroy your liver and rob you of your independence? Isn’t it time you give your aching body long lasting relief that’s fast, effective and safe? ABAYTOL is the answer to your problems.




I’ve taken the time to follow up with our clients to make sure they are getting tremendous results. But as a pharmacist I must caution, ABAYTOL is not for everyone. This product is for the chronic sufferer of severe pain only… it’s for those who live in agony day after day. ABAYTOL is too strong for mild to moderate pain  so if you know your pain isn’t severe please avoid this product and try CURCUMIN instead. ABAYTOL is best suited for those who have been desperate for relief from pain. I’m fully convinced ABAYTOL will work for you to the extent that you too will become a repeat customer. So I invite anyone who is dissatisfied with ABAYTOL to receive a full refund of their purchase. If you don’t receive relief from your pain after complete use of ABAYTOL simply return your empty bottle for a 100% refund of every hard earned dollar you’ve spent. I wouldn’t make that offer unless I personally knew ABAYTOL is a SURE-BET for pain relief, so hurry and get ABAYTOL today. Supplies of this fantastic product never last long!





  1. How is this product in pill or cream.

    1. Irene, this product comes in capsules and powder for those who need larger doses to mix into the beverage of choice.

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