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The Best Ingredients For Weight Loss

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The Best All Natural Weight Loss Ingredients


It is not always easy to lose weight. Weight loss pills can help suppress appetite and promote weight loss, but which ingredients are best for the job? Our Weight Loss Guide will give you a list of the top natural ingredients that have been proven to boost metabolism and relieve hunger pains. Weight loss pills made from these ingredients are the most effective weight loss remedies on the market today. Our guide will also try to breakdown how each ingredient contributes to weight management and whether they’ve been proven to boost metabolism and suppress appetite.

Before getting into actual ingredients, we want to explain some terms that will help explain what to look for on your product label. The term “pharmaceutical grade” is a rare term you’ll find on supplement bottles. This term is usually used to describe the quality of ingredients an extract has. The FDA defines pharmaceutical grade as “pharmaceutical, therapeutic, or diagnostic products that are intended for use in supporting or sustaining life.”  Our guide also uses this same definition to differentiate supplements you can find anywhere versus specialty supplements you can only get from a healthcare professional. When you see a product advertised as being made from 100% all natural weight loss ingredients, be sure to check the label for the term pharmaceutical grade to ensure the quality and potency.

Another term you’ll see used often with weight loss supplements is “thermogenics”. Thermogenics  means that the ingredient termed “thermogenic” increases your body’s metabolic rate which helps in burning calories and losing weight. The caveat here is not all ingredients that make you feel hot are true thermogenics. In other words, you can consume spicy foods which make you feel hot for a short period of time, but there isn’t enough of an elevation to the metabolic rate to actually burn a significant amount of calories. The key here is to do a little research to see if the ingredient has actually been linked calorie burning in scientific studies.

Ingredients To Look For: There are several key ingredients we recommend looking at before making your purchase decision – Hoodia gordonii cactus extract, caffeine powder extract, EGCG Green tea leaf extract, Phenethylamine, Synephrine and Theobromine. These ingredients have a longer history of use than many of the marketed weight loss supplements – therefore, there is more evidence for their actual effectiveness.

Here’s a breakdown of why each ingredient

works well for weight loss:

Hoodia gordonii cactus extract: Weight loss pills that contain this ingredient have been shown to suppress appetite and reduce caloric intake. In a study published in the journal Diabetes Care, it was reported that subjects who consumed about 900 mg of Hoodia per day for three weeks reduced their daily calorie intakes by roughly 1000 calories! Additionally, they did not feel as hungry over time which made dieting easier.

Caffeine Powder Extract: Weight Loss Pills Guide recommends looking at caffeine powder extract because it has several benefits – including weight management and mental focus/energy. Caffeine is known to increase metabolism and energy expenditure when ingested prior to exercise or physical activity; however, its effects on the heart and blood vessels should be carefully considered by those with heart disease. Speeding up the central nervous system is key to increasing the metabolism which is why stimulants like caffeine are commonly found in weight loss supplements.

EGCG is quite popular because it has been widely used in Asian cultures for many years to treat obesity and reduce weight. Guides for weight loss pills recommend looking at EGCG because not only does it help lower blood sugar but has also been shown in studies to burn fat cells by increasing metabolism, energy expenditure, appetite suppression and ultimately helping with weight management!

Phenethylamine (PEA) is a more rare stimulant that increases mental focus and energy levels. Some have used Phenethylamine as an alternative to ADHD medications. PEA is a chemical that speeds up the central nervous system and increases brain activity, acting similar to amphetamines such as Adderall. It helps improve mental focus and concentration – widely desired because it has been found to help people concentrate better on their daily tasks. Phenethylamine is useful for weight loss because it increases mental focus and energy levels. Weight loss pills containing PEA help manage weight by increasing heart rate and blood pressure, as well as increasing oxygen flow throughout the body while also suppressing hunger pains so that you don’t experience cravings or eat large meals.

Synepherine is another must have ingredient for weight loss because it helps to increase the number of calories burned per day by suppressing appetite and curbing cravings. Weight loss supplements containing Synepherine are a good choice for those who want to lose weight quickly but also need an appetite suppressant to help them control their food intake. The difference between Synepherine and Phenethylamine is that Synepherine is a more potent appetite suppressant. Weight Loss Supplements containing Synepherine help to increase energy levels by increasing metabolism, speeding up digestion of carbohydrates and fats, as well as supporting healthy thyroid function which helps your metabolic rate stay high even after eating.

Theobromine is particularly useful in a stimulant-rich formula because it helps to counter the negative effects of stimulants such as: jitters, nervousness, heart racing and increased blood pressure. Theobromine comes from cocoa and is a close relative to caffeine. Recommended doses of Theobromine  are 100-200mg per day.

Ingredients To Avoid When Taking Weight Loss Pills: People who are trying to lose weight or struggling with their current regimen should avoid taking certain ingredients that could be harmful – such as phentermine, sibutramine and phenolphthalein which can increase heart rate and blood pressure levels. It is important when using any type of supplement including supplements designed for helping you lose weight; read the entire label carefully.


Most of the best weight loss pills contain an appetite suppressant and a thermogenic (helps to increase metabolism) ingredient like: Green Tea, Caffeine or Synepherine. PEA is another key component that can be used as part of a natural weight loss formula because it helps reduce cravings for food by mimicking certain effects found in marijuana such as hunger suppression and mood elevation. Weight Loss Supplements containing PEA are also known to improve focus, concentration and even motivation levels which makes them ideal for those planning to start exercising on their own without any help from other supplements or stimulants. Weight Loss Pills which only contain these key ingredients will always be superior because they include all of the best natural fat burners on the market.

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