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The Benefits of Compounding Prescriptions

Benefits of Compounding Prescriptions

Pharmaceutical compounding has been used by pharmacists and patients for centuries to address individual patient needs. Compounding involves creating a custom treatment for an individual based on their symptoms. This personalized care can be important to patients for many reasons, which may make it beneficial for you to seek out a compounding pharmacy in Kennesaw, GA. Here are some benefits to compounding prescriptions:

Medicine Is Easier to Take

Taking medicine is rarely enjoyable and trying to persuade children, pets, and the elderly to take medicine can feel impossible. This can be due to the unpleasant taste of many medicines. A compounding pharmacist can customize your medication, changing the flavor or even combining flavors to make it more palatable, not mention changing the form your medicine comes in. A drinkable grape medicine may be easier to take than a giant pill.

Access to Discontinued or Uncommon Medication

Because medications are typically mass-produced by giant pharmaceutical companies, the number of medications and strengths available is limited. As a patient, you may need a medication that has been discontinued or has become difficult to find. If you still need the benefits that the drug provided but don’t know where to turn, a compounding pharmacist can help. An independent pharmacy in Kennesaw, GA, can replicate or closely reproduce the medication, making sure that you receive the care you need.

Alternate Dosage Forms

If your child struggles to swallow pills, a compounding pharmacist can change the way a medication is taken, making it into chewable pills or a liquid. This can benefit all ages, and is a wonderful benefit to having your medication tailor-made. It may surprise you to learn that the best pharmacy in Kennesaw, GA, can even make some medications topical. This means that your medicine will be made into a cream or gel that can be applied to your skin to enter your bloodstream. The compounding pharmacist can also exactly adjust the dose of this medicine to match what you need.

Compounding Pharmacy in Kennesaw, GAAvoid Allergies

You may want to search for a pharmacy near you in Kennesaw, GA, if you have sensitivities or allergies. Many traditional medications contain ingredients that can cause reactions such as flavoring, dyes, gluten, and alcohol. Commercial medications may also contain compounds that you didn’t even know you were allergic to, such as synthetic preservatives. A compounding pharmacist can create medication while leaving out these potential irritants, making it safer for you. An online pharmacy in Kennesaw, GA, will also be able to assist in these concerns.

Personalized Care

The biggest benefit to using a compounding pharmacy in Kennesaw, GA, is that you’re human, not just another face. A compounding pharmacist must get to know you in order to do his or her job correctly. This personal interaction allows you to share your specific needs and symptoms and makes sure that you’re heard. This type of care is all about the patient, as it should be. Are you experiencing negative side effects? Do you hate how your medication tastes? What about trying a chewable tablet instead of that hard-to-swallow pill? A compounding pharmacist has the knowledge and experience to address all of those concerns, keeping you and your loved ones healthy.

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