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Healthy Fat Hoax

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[dropcap]E[/dropcap]very year half a million people suddenly drop dead from America’s #1 killer: sudden cardiac arrest. Yet shockingly, fully half of all heart attack victims have normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol, and no history of heart problems. They’d have walked out of a doctor’s office an hour earlier with a clean bill of health and been told: “Keep up the good work!”



But I can show you how to outsmart this capricious killer…




Because a major new study has found the real cause of heart attacks: a build-up of omega-6 fatty acids in your blood. Omega-6 is found in many plants and plant oils such as corn, safflower, and sunflower. For the past century (when heart attack deaths soared), Americans have been eating far more omega-6 fatty acids and less of the omega-3 ones. Omega-3 fatty acids don’t have this deadly effect. In fact, they counteract the negative effect of omega-6.





It’s important to note that getting too little of these Essential Fatty Acids can cause more health problems than too much bad fat.




Without Omega-3, your body rapidly starts to fall apart— your brain deteriorates, your organs begin to fail, your digestive system stops working correctly and your immune system weakens. Without Essential Fatty Acids, growth is stunted; your behavior changes, your focus deteriorates, vision and learning problems occur, and your motor skills weaken.




If that didn’t scare you, this will:




Your body can’t manufacture these fats itself, so they must be obtained elsewhere— and most of us don’t get nearly enough. Unless you eat barrels of fish, walnuts and flax seed daily, you do not get what the body needs to sustain major organs. Many of the aches, pains and chronic conditions you’re suffering from are simply the result of your body’s dire need of Essential Fatty Acids. You desperately need them!




To meet your body’s needs and counteract the deadly effects of the fats you eat every day, I highly recommend Orthomega. It is a 90% purified Omega-3 that has been distilled 25 times to remove toxins, contaminants, saturated fats, and the unpleasant fishy taste, specifically designed to give you a high quality product— no other brand comes close. The current recommendation for heart disease is to consume 2-4 grams Omega-3 per day, on average that would take SIX pills of the common brand of omega-3 however Ocean Blue’s concentrated formula provides this amount in only TWO pills. Additionally, with this highest quality Ocean Blue Omega-3, you actually gain control of your cholesterol and painful inflammation. The studies are so compelling that physicians are now writing prescriptions for this type of therapy.




What are you doing to prevent the heart attack that may be a day or a moment away? Isn’t it high time you reverse the damage happening to your heart right now? Orthomega protect your heart from those dangerous oils that you can’t help but consume so you can live longer and enjoy life along the way. Stop by today and help make yourself “heart attack proof”.




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  1. “The studies are so compelling that physicians are now writing prescriptions for this type of therapy.”

    How is this available by prescription?

    1. Hi Jim, thanks for the question. Some doctors write prescriptions for Omega-3 products, while there are several brands the most common prescription is Orthomega, however is available without a prescription and is twice as concentrated.

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