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Something Bad May Be Hiding in Your Intestines


If you’ve been following the digestive health headlines, you know probiotics are all the rage. And with good reason! Healthy bacteria can work wonders for digestive comfort, immunity, circulation and even mental health.





But the sad fact is probiotics have gone main-stream…




As a result, everyone from the yogurt makers to the suits who run the drugstore chains think they’re experts. But there’s something you need to know – not ALL probiotics are created equal. In fact, some strains don’t even make it to your intestines…





They’re slapping “probiotic” labels on anything they can – even though many of the beneficial bacteria in these products never make it to your intestines where they’re so desperately needed! Instead, they’re incinerated in the harsh acidic environment of your stomach. And if the good bacteria are “D.O.A.” – they’re not doing you any good!





And that leaves you with more of the same: constipation…gas…bloating…indigestion…and discomfort… that makes you pay dearly just for enjoying your favorite foods.





And now, thanks to cutting edge science




You can try the most advanced probiotic supplement available… without the premium price. In fact, this cutting edge digestive support is now available for about a dollar a day! It’s called Ortho Biotic, and if you’ve been struggling to ease your occasional digestive “distress,” your search is over…





This formula contains the specific strains and amounts found to produce miraculous results in clinical studies.That includes lactobacillus plantarum which, according to renowned cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, “is the strain that supports normal cholesterol and healthy blood pressure.” “Plus, it helps to comfort your irritable bowel and improve digestion”, he adds.





For some, using Ortho Biotic can mean clearer skin, less ASTHMA, less inflammation, less yeast infections and reduced allergies because probiotics starve other microbes and allergens of the food they need to thrive, acting as your natural antibiotic. Ortho Biotic has no side effects, just perfectly comfortable, wonderfully regular digestion, great immunity, and better heart health — the way nature intended.





Ortho Biotic contains 7 strains of friendly flora, for a staggering total of 22 BILLION units of healthy bacteria. And it only takes one small capsule a day! There’s no reason to suffer with occasional digestive issues any longer… not when premium probiotic power is available at such a bargain! And with such a stellar formulation ORTHO BIOTIC is sure to amaze you with your new found level of digestive and immune support. So don’t wait – order up your bottle of Ortho Biotic today!



Combine with Digestzyme V for Ultimate Digestive Support!

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  1. Ortho Biotic is THE ONLY probiotic I will take, and I’ve been on it for over 20 years. I can highly recommend!

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