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  • Starts to work on contact, noticeable relief in minutes

  • Targets pain right at the source

  • Reduces soreness, stiffness, natural swelling and more

  • Potent formula only takes a few drops, 1 bottle goes a long way

  • Trade in aching discomfort for the “AHHHH” of relief

  • Helps to soothe stinging and itchy skin

  • Gradually vanishes blemishes on the skin











Many people are averse to taking pain relievers, even natural pain relievers. They’re afraid that it may be habit-forming or even addictive, but not all pain relief medications engender such concerns. For many needs, such as chronic muscle pain relief, ear pain relief, or joint pain relief, a topical pain relief treatment may be ideal. It can be applied as needed, and you don’t have to pop a pill or worry about making sure that you take it on a full stomach.

Many people are plagued by aching joints, and also joint pain relief always seems to be an issue, especially during the winter months. Natural pain relievers are a viable and often recommended remedy. Holistic back pain relief can be effective, fast-acting, and also may even be preferred over popular prescriptions. There are a number of alternative therapies for pain, so you don’t have to settle on just one, especially if you have yet to discover the comfort that you need. Be sure to check your local pharmacy in Acworth, GA. Help may be closer than you think.

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21 reviews for COPASETIC

  1. Viola

    Last year a friend couldn’t golf because of a bad knee. A local pharmacist recommended that she try Copasetic. She did, and was golfing in 2 days. When I sprained my ankle after jumping off a golf cart, I decided to try Copasetic. The pain went away very quickly! Since then, I’ve used it successfully for all different pains— even backaches. My golf team was so amazed at my recovery that many decided to try it as well. Twenty members that I know of now use it regularly, and all are very satisfied

  2. Rebbeca

    Copasetic is very good for my arthritis pain. Walking is my favorite exercise, but when my feet hurt I am hesitant to go. I use this twice a day, rubbing it into the tender joint and it works well

  3. Kelli

    THE BEST OIL for nearly everything. Copasetic is perfect for reducing inflammation and since it doesn’t have a strong scent, it’s great to use on everything and I keep a bottle on me at all times.

  4. Amy

    Copasetic has really helped my joint pain. The woody smell is something I had to get used to, but I do recommend it.

  5. Harvey Friedman

    This is a great pain relieving essential oil that helps me to go ch