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Are Blood Pressure Drugs Weakening Your Heart?
Here’s How To Conquer Blood Pressure Naturally



If you or someone you love has any sort of heart problem, there’s an all-purpose heart-healer you should meet. Why? Because this vine-derived supplement is practically a Cure-All for your heart. It’s loaded with special compounds that strengthen your heart and its pumping action and support your entire circulatory system.





So it’s no surprise that it has been shown to help reduce arrhythmias … .open up coronary blood vessels, relieve the pressure, tightness and pain of angina … and even help protect against deadly free-radicals in your arteries. And, for good measure, it lowers blood pressure and may even lower blood sugar as well.





It’s called No Pressur and as you’ll soon see it is one of the best things you can take to manage high blood pressure. Why live in fear that a heart attack will cut your life short one day- or that you’ll be sentenced to a lifetime of drug side effects? You need the heart-rejuvenating power of No Pressur to help keep artery walls free and clear of deposits that can block blood flow and cause a heart attack.



For years the big drug companies have been cramming blood pressure lowering drugs down our throats. To help them out, government guidelines for what constitutes “high” blood pressure keep getting lower and lower! But the truth is, while drugs help some people, they’re full of side effects and can be very dangerous. Diuretics can cause weakness, cramps, fatigue and erection problems. Beta-blockers weaken your heart and can cause asthma-like symptoms, depression, sleep problems and erection problems. And with ACE inhibitors, you risk a chronic cough, rashes, dizziness, weakness, loss of taste and, although rare, kidney failure. But the irony of it all is…





Blood Pressure Drugs Fail

20% Of The Time





These drugs don’t work at all for one person in five! And even if they start out working, they can stop working after you’ve taken them for a while.








Fortunately, No Pressur works more sensibly. It utilizes your body’s own mechanism for naturally reversing high BP and multiplies its effects many times over. The result is lasting protection of your heart, blood vessels, and kidneys – the vital trifecta for blood pressure lowering. Because of this unique mechanism (often used in emergency rooms) it works at times even when drugs don’t… and with no side effects.




Renowned cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra M.D. maintains one of No Pressur’s patented ingredients (MegaNatural BP) is able to lower BP so well because it “eliminates pressure on the heart while widening coronary arteries so blood flows freely.”




No Pressur relaxes stress on your heart to lower your pressure. Its ingredients lower BP by increasing the resting period between heartbeats and opening up your blood vessels through sustained release of Nitric Oxide in the blood. But that’s not all, it helps control deadly free-radicals and inflammation too. No Pressur combines the perfect 1-2 K.O. punch for high blood pressure. No wonder clinical testing showed volunteers were able to maintain healthy readings after just 4 weeks of use.




Is your heart taking a daily beating? Do you want to become “heart attack proof”? No Pressur will give you proven results. Nothing over-the-counter offers more reliable, long-lasting results for maintaining normal readings. If your physician has warned you about your BP, you owe it to yourself to control your it with this cutting-edge medicine –RISK FREE. If you do not see improvements in your readings after complete use of No Pressur simply return the empty bottle and we will gladly refund every penny of your purchase. Get No Pressur, the right medicine for your heart, so you can LIVE LONGER.






  1. Would love to try,I take metoporlol 100 mg a day

    1. Donald, you can safely take CitraNox along with your medication. With your purchase we also provide a free follow up consultation to help you meet your goals even if it’s to become more independent of the Metoprolol. Follow this link to purchase: or give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you (770) 529-9277

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