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Copasetic Kills Pain

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Never before have I come upon a natural pain relief product that kills pain as effectively as COPASETIC. It kills pain so thoroughly that one user had this to say:



“My name is Viola. Last year a friend couldn’t golf because of a bad knee. A local pharmacist recommended that she try COPASETIC. She did, & was golfing in 2 days. When I sprained my ankle after jumping off a golf cart, I decided to try COPASETIC. The pain went away very quickly! Since then, I’ve used it successfully for all different pains— even backaches. My golf team was so amazed at my recovery that many decided to try it as well. Twenty members that I know of now use it regularly, and all are very satisfied.”



Local clientele in Acworth have been trying COPASETIC and the results have been quite impressive. Folks who used to endure joint injuries, sprains, muscle aches, knee and back pain, sciatica…now just rub a little COPASETIC on a troubled spot and in a few minutes they’re pain free! Without the discomfort, inconvenience or serious risks associated with pills or surgery. Some have even claimed this to be more reliable than prescribed drugs!



That’s Because COPASETIC Is Applied Directly

To The Site Of Your Pain And Stops It Cold:



  • EASIER THAN DRUGS because it penetrates, right down to the pain, so you don’t have to choke down a pill and wait for it to be absorbed…

  • STRONGER than any previous pain reliever we’ve ever come across, because it combines two botanicals with a powerful effect against inflammation. In fact one of these botanicals has been found in research to be more potent than Ibuprofen and Cortisone!

  • AND MORE EFFECTIVE than any topical pain reliever we’ve ever recommended to our clients, we can’t seem to keep it stocked on the shelves!



Does all this sound too good to be true?

Here’s what a frequent user has said about COPASETIC:




“This year, chronic hip pain put me in the VA hospital. I was eating Motrin daily but it was poorly controlling my pain. The hospital put me on pain meds but the side effects made me feel worse so I decided to go off them and deal with the pain. Then I saw a flyer in my doctor’s office about COPASETIC so I decided to try it. My wife put a few drops on all the painful areas and in minutes the pain quit. I mean it stopped, it left completely. In disbelief I started swing from side to side with virtually no pain. I went from having a hard time getting in and out of a chair to helping clean the yard, without pain in a matter of days” – Henry Dolph, Acworth




What Makes Copasetic Work So Well?



Noted natural health researcher Dr. Eric Zielinski explains one reason COPASETIC provides the most effective natural pain relief is because one of its botanical ingredients has been discovered by Brazilian scientists to not only have powerful anti-inflammatory effects but it also blocks the detection of painful or injurious signals to the brain.



So applying COPASETIC is almost like getting a Cortisol and Lidocaine injection all at once –except it has NO SIDE EFFECTS. In fact, one of the best aspects of COPASETIC is its healing nature to skin. Not only does it reduce inflammation and pain but it also helps to increase collagen, fade the appearance of scars and brown spots and kills germs. So don’t be surprised if you see the areas where you apply it begin to look HEALTHIER and YOUTHFUL again! That’s just your skin thanking you for giving it HEALING medicine instead of harsh chemicals like Aspercreme, Bengay,  Blue Emu, or Capsaicin which can all irritate or damage the skin with repeated use.



COPASETIC is so good that Red Carpet Pharmacy offers a 90-day guarantee of your satisfaction 100%. If you are not satisfied with your natural pain relief after complete use of COPASETIC simply return your empty bottle for a full refund. COPASETIC comes in a 1-ounce bottle because it only take a few drops to control your pain. Get COPASETIC today if you absolutely need to put a stop to your pain.



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  1. What are the active ingredients of copasetic? I dont buy without knowing whats in it.

    1. Tony please follow this link to view the ingredients: you can also visit the product detail page: Thank you for your interest in our products

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