Probiotic 225

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Probiotic 225:

Probiotic 225 is an active Probiotic providing support in gastrointestinal and immunity issues. It promotes inflammatory balance and also reset the whole immune system of the body. Probiotic 225 is a high-intensity Probiotic that helps to activate over 1,700 genes involved in maintains immunity and also inflammatory level in our collection. It is characterizing by tolerating the harsh gastrointestinal lining and also delivers superior results. Five hundred different strains of bacteria, living in our Gastrointestinal, continuously strive for nutrients. Eubiosis- healthy balance of these bacteria is maintain in the body naturally. These balances are disrupted by medication, inadequate dietary intake, or excessive alcohol consumption, leading to dysbiosis. Probiotic help to keep this balance.

Probiotics are living organisms, so their production is a challenge. They must be produce in a way with longer shelf life and also dormant bacteria. When exposed to digestive tracts, provide maximum absorption and also support. Probiotic 225 is recommending by the physicians to ensure maximum gut health.


Lactobacillus Acidophilus (La-14):

This bacterial strain is commonly found in our mouth and also intestine. It is mostly use on a commercial scale for yogurt production. It ferments carbohydrates to produce lactic acid to increase the absorption of minerals biologically.

Lactobacillus Plant arum (Lp-115):

This bacterium is commonly found in fermented foods. It competes against Clostridium Difficile and also Clostridium Perfringens strains, producing Lethal Protein that inhibits bacterial growth.

Biffidobacterium Lactic (BI-04):

This bacterium is found in the colon. It regulates Lactic to support balanced immune response in individuals sensitive to environmental allergens.

Lactobacillus Salivarius (Ls-33):

It produces bacteriocins, which inhibit Helicobacter pylori growth.

Lactobacillus Casei (Lc-11):

This bacterium has immunity regulating properties. It reduces oxidative stress and also regulates the inflammation pathways in the body.

Biffidobacterium Bifidum (Bb-02):

This bacterium is beneficial in competing for harmful bacteria such as E.Coli in the body.

Larch Arabinogalactan:

Larch Arabinogalactan supports the growth of active microflora in the gut. It enhances the immunity of an individual too.


  • It maintains and promotes the growth of Gut Microflora
  • This product maintains the inflammation level of the body.
  • It is using to heel the intestinal walls.
  • This product improves the bowel function by increasing the rate of absorption in the digestive tracts.
  • It possesses anti-aging properties.
  • This product improves digestion
  • It helps the body to prevent heart disease.
  • This product prevents the body against weight gain.
  • It makes the immune responses of the body fast.


Dissolve one packet of Probiotic 225 in 8oz of liquid, or use as per your doctor recommendations.


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