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When we were kids, eating healthy was easy. And not just because Mom made sure we ate all of our veggies before we could have dessert. But unfortunately




The Same Food Today Is a Far Cry From What It Used To Be…





Today’s   conventionally   grown fruits and vegetables have shockingly poor vitamin and mineral content compared to produce grown 30… 40… 50… years ago. In fact, one study found that today’s broccoli contains just 50% as much vitamin A as it did when baby boomers were kids.





Why today, we’re feeling the effects…Minerals like iron and magnesium have dropped by more than 80% due to commercial farming technology and powerful fertilizers that practically sterilize the soil — leaving it with little or no mineral content. If the soil doesn’t have minerals, there’s no way for vegetables to absorb them. And that’s bad news for your health! What’s worse, fruit and vegetable growers create “hybrids” for the sake of making their produce “look better”. They create new versions so they contain more water, more sugar, more pith, and less of everything else. This “dilution effect” helps their produce ship well, look better, and weigh more, while virtually wiping out their vitamin and mineral content. No wonder we suffer from memory lapses, fatigue, and aching joints as we get older. We’re barely getting enough antioxidants to keep us healthy!





Take a look at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s nutritional values for fruits and vegetables today compare to 1975.



*Apples: Vitamin A is down 41%               *Watercress: Iron is down 88%

*Sweet Peppers: Vitamin C is down 31%    *Broccoli: Calcium & Vitamin A down 50%

*Collard Greens: Vitamin A down 45%; potassium 60%; magnesium 85%

*Cauliflower: Vitamin C is down 45%; Vitamin B1 is down 48%; and Vitamin B2 is down 47%





In order to stay healthy, you’d need to eat 8-10 servings of fruits and veggies a day; every single day…just to get the 3000 ORAC units per day that experts recommend! I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to eat that much food day in and day out.





In Today’s World, It Is Necessary to Supplement

With Certain Essential Nutrients…




We are simply, yet sadly, just not getting enough nutrients through our food alone. Therefore, it is of great importance that you augment your diet with important vitamins and minerals. When choosing to supplement with any vitamin or mineral product, it’s critical that you purchase a quality brand containing the right form and dose of the nutrient in order to ensure maximum bio-availability (the effective absorption and utilization of the nutrient, by the cells).





Thanks to ABSOLUTE GREENS, there’s an easier way to get the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants you need. And you don’t have to buy a grocery store’s worth of produce or spend hours chopping and cooking all of that food. ABSOLUTE GREENS is a tasty nutritional powder packed with your full daily requirement of fruits and vegetables in ONE SCOOP. The taste is so pleasant in fact it has been a convenient way to “trick” children into getting their daily serving of fruits and veggies since they think it’s a treat. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s loaded with sugar because you won’t find a single teaspoon of sugar in this formula, it is sweetened naturally with stevia and fruit pulp.  The only thing ABSOLUTE GREENS is LOADED with is nutrients, containing phytonutrients, antioxidants, over 50 super foods, soluble fiber, herbs, flavonoids, enzymes and alkalizing green foods. This makes ABSOLUTE GREENS a great way to give your body the nutrition it needs without over-eating. And because ABSOLUTE GREENS is organic, even those with strict diets can use it with no problems at all. Simply put, ABSOLUTE GREENS is your all-natural “insurance policy” for lifelong good health. Get ABSOLUTE GREENS today, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.



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