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Easy Tips To Quit Smoking

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Easy Tips To Quit Smoking

If you’re reading this chances are you are or loved one has decided it’s time to stop smoking. That’s great! The first step is realizing you want to quit, then taking action. There are many ways to quit smoking but we are taking a slightly different approach using food. Here are a few snack suggestions that may help you in your new journey to a smoke free life:

1) The late Nobel laureate and chemist Linus Paulding, PhD, suggested eating an orange whenever you have the urge to smoke. A research group in Britain conducted experiments with smokers and oranges. The results were impressive.

2) If you want to stop or at least cut down on your tobacco habit, after your next cigarette or cigar, replace the nicotine taste in your mouth by sucking on a small clove. After an hour two, replace the clove with another one. Without that lingering nicotine taste in your mouth, your desire for another smoke should be greatly reduced.

3) For many smokers, the thought of smoking a cigarette after they’ve had a citrus drink is unpleasant. If you feel that way, good! Carry a small bottle of citrus juice with you and, whenever you feel like lighting up, take a swig of the juice. And since each cigarette robs your body of between 25 and 100 mg of vitamin C, the juice will help replenish it as well as keep you from smoking. Citrus flavored Vitamin C drops have also been used to help curb the urge to smoke.

4) Switch to a cup of tea whenever you usually have a cigarette. The act of brewing the tea and slowing sipping it as it cools will provide the same stress relief as a hit of nicotine. Or carry cinnamon-flavored toothpicks and suck on one whenever a cig craving hits.

5) You may start to crave sweets after you quit — and indulging in those cravings is a good thing because it can prevent you from reaching for a cigarette. Instead of grabbing processed desserts, try eating frozen grapes. Their sweetness will help curb sugar cravings, and because they’re frozen, they’ll take longer to eat than fresh fruit.

While these are all good tips to help you along in your process it is also good to have support from loved ones. Support is one of the keys to successfully quitting. Also remember to reward yourself throughout your quit. You should be proud every time you hit a quit smoking milestone. Treat yourself with a nice dinner, day at the movies, or any other smoke-free activity. We hope this helps on your journey towards smoking cessation! Good Luck!

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