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How Does Topical Pain Relief Work?

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Communication is the key to health. Annually, you have a conversation with your doctor to confirm what’s working for you and to ask advice about ongoing issues. Babies cry to communication something isn’t right. Plants and animals have a code too. In fact, every living being uses some type of communication strategy to signal when they need help. 

Your physical body is no different. It uses various levels of pain as its mode of communication. Many types of pain originate from within, so when your doctor sends you home with a prescription for topical pain relief in Kennesaw, GA., it may seem counterintuitive. How is a topical ointment going to treat an inner ache?

Your nervous system is a miraculous thing. Even more astounding is the role your epidermis plays. It’s your layer of protection from the world around you. It’s also the largest organ of your body. Your skin is your fastest growing and fastest healing organ. Using the skin’s impressive absorbance ability to reach, then treat, your pain sites makes perfect sense.

There are many types of topical pain relief medicines. Your doctor will suggest the right one for you.

Joint Pain

Contrary to common knowledge, joint pain isn’t just for aging adults who suffer from arthritis. As people, we are busier than ever, and the activities we choose to do often cause us chronic pain.

  • Work related repetitive motion

Annually, over ten-percent of the nation’s employees go to the doctor with joint complaints. They are looking for relief from pain that only gets worse everyday when they go back to work. With the number of tablets, keyboards, and smart devices flooding offices this number is only going to rise. A number of topical applications can bring you joint pain relief in Kennesaw, GA.

  • Sports related repetitive motion

Staying physically active is not just for kids. As adults we join after work clubs, teams, and leagues. It’s important to keep moving, but what if your exercise regimen makes your pain worse? You are trying to take good care of your body, so perhaps natural pain management in Kennesaw, GA., is the right choice for you.

  • Hobby related repetitive motion

Even your downtime may be causing you joint pain. Hobbies like knitting, crocheting, and tatting are sweeping the nation. The repetitive action of the skill is both the relaxant and the cause of pain.

[image 2]

Muscle Aches

Actively aching muscles are caused by the lactic acid produced after some type of muscular stress has been incurred.  Whether this be a particularly hard work-out or bouncing a crying infant all night, the muscle’s reaction is similar. There are a large line of topical creams designed to absorb quickly and treat the muscles. Read their labels and you will see varying amounts of these ingredients:

  • Menthol and Camphor – cooling agents work on contact
  • Methyl salicylate – decreases inflammation through absorption into the bloodstream
  • Capsaicin – essentially distracts your body from the pain site
  • Benzocaine – a numbing agent added to some topical creams

Allergic Reaction

Skin reactions based on something you came in contact with can be equally painful. Pain relief medications in Kennesaw, GA., clear up contact dermatitis sites, usually in a matter of days.

Taking care of your body from the inside out can often be accomplished by treating it from the outside in. Care for your skin so when you need it to do its job, absorbing important medications and treating your pain, it will be ready to.

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