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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n early April of 2008 a small study was published in the medical journal called Metabolism. It should have been an international sensation. There should have been Nobel prizes and a triumphant press conference…because the study revealed a shockingly effective new way to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. But instead of alerting you to this powerful new discovery when it happened, vested interests quickly swept it under the rug. Well today we’re breaking the silence, and we can promise once you learn this “Hushed-Up Blood Sugar Secret” your health and energy can SOAR!



What if you had a “watchdogin your bloodstream that watched your blood sugar like a hawk and instantly sprang into action whenever your levels get towards the high side of normal? What if, along with your healthy diet and exercise, you KNEW your blood sugar would stay right in the middle of the healthy range—and you could go on with your life and not have to worry about it so much? That’s just a small taste of what’s in store for you.



This Discovery is So Exciting, You May Never Worry

About Keeping Healthy Blood Sugar Again



The research involved the extract of a plant sometimes called Indian Barberry. The scientists probably thought it was snake oil, you know how dismissive Ph.D.-types can be about natural herbs and supplements. They probably thought a double blind, placebo controlled trial would totally debunk this folk remedy. But they quickly realized this extract has a Ph.D. of its own –in the science of maintaining healthy blood sugar.



When researchers gave this extract to people and monitored their blood sugar, something almost unbelievable happened. Fasting blood glucose improved—in just 90 days. That’s FAST, but that’s not all; the extract also improved A1C levels—which means it could help maintain healthy blood sugar over the long term, too. Wow! One natural compound that improves fasting glucose levels—AND helps keep your numbers steady over time…not to mention these benefits come WITHOUT side effects!



But even as researchers marveled over these results—the extract (known as Berberine) STILL wasn’t finished delivering life-changing benefits. After more tests, stunned scientists concluded Berberine ALSO supports healthy triglycerides…AND blood pressure! Triglycerides sank like a stone and the extract promoted healthy triglycerides without lowering good cholesterol! Just imagine how fun your next checkup will be.








These Are the Kinds Of Results That Make Your Doctor Say

Wow! What Exactly Are You Doing?




He’d never admit it, but when he asks a question like that, he’s wondering if you know something he doesn’t! Just ask a patient of ours (we will refer to as Mr. F for privacy) —he tried the groundbreaking Thorne Berberine formula. Soon after, he stopped by to say: “After nearly 20 years as a Diabetic has never controlled my numbers. I would always fluctuate to 300 and even at times 400’s. Since taking Thorne Berberine my numbers steadily dropped to the 270’s and my last reading was 132. I have been able to cut back on without crashing …will be seeing you again soon.”



Berberine works by targeting an ancient regulator of metabolism, an enzyme called activated protein kinase (AMPK). AMPK regulates sugar uptake by your cells and the transport of sugar molecules—which helps move glucose out of your blood and into your cells, where it belongs. Berberine may also increase the number and activity of the receptors on your cells, increasing sensitivity.



In the past my glucose readings have always stayed between 180-200 even while taking Glipizde. But now, if I halfway watch what I eat my readings are around 105-118 after taking Berberine.” – Greg Robinson, Kennesaw





Sounds Pretty Good, Right? Berberine Gives You the Peace Of Mind You Can ONLY Get From Consistently Healthy Blood Sugar.




Because adding Berberine to your daily diet may truly be the single best thing you can do to help keep your blood sugar in the “safe zone”. Think about all of the peace of mind you’ll have with this blockbuster watchdog in your system. No worrying about blood sugar spikes, or those terrible accidental “low’s” which leave you drained and have often proven to be more dangerous than high blood sugar itself.



With Berberine, you could spend the day working in the yard—and still have energy left over to make dinner and best of all you could spend LESS time worrying about maintaining healthy blood sugar and MORE relaxing and enjoying life. We have never seen another natural substance that can do SO MUCH for your blood sugar and metabolism.




The Good News is, No Matter How Much Of a Wreck Your Diabetes Has Been, No Matter How Out of Control Your Sugar Levels Are Or How Little You Exercise or How Much Weight Your Doctor Says You Must Lose, You’re Getting Your Second Chance Right Now!




Taking Thorne Berberine-500  will result in something you may not have experienced in many years—the peace of mind that comes from KNOWING your blood sugar is staying healthy. But don’t be fooled into buying watered-down Berberine at your neighborhood herb store, I can guarantee you that’s going to waste money and may even cost you a trip to the hospital. THORNE Berberine-500 contains the pharmaceutical grade patented form of Berberine that provides reliable results time and again.  Don’t believe this will work? Get out your blood glucose monitor and take our 30-day challenge and see for yourself!  Try THORNE BERBERINE-500 today, risk free.




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