What’s Your Menopause Type?

Menopause | Hot Flashes

ATTENTION All Women Over The Age Of 40

There Are 12 Types Of Menopause, Which One Are You?


In the next few minutes you’re about to discover a real jaw dropper! In fact, not only will you be surprised –you’ll probably feel relief…and even a bit angry … Because if you’re over 40 and suffering from common health problems such as:


Hot Flashes

Memory loss and “senior moments”

Sleepless nights

Low sex drive

Belly fat

Mood swings

Hair loss

Irregular menstrual cycles

Dry skin and premature wrinkles

Unwanted facial hair


We’ll Help You Discover A Little Known, NATURAL Way To Eliminate These Health Problems That Your  Current Doctor or Pharmacist NEVER TOLD YOU ABOUT!


And once you fill out our survey (<< click) you will be on track for a healthier way to deal with these problems and I think you’ll be relieved to know these problems are NOT happening …because you’re “getting old!” …it’s NOT all in your head! …and it’s NOT something you have to live with! And the news gets even better because you’re going to find out how our remarkable approach comes WITHOUT a prescription and can help you say GOODBYE to these health nightmares…




You wouldn’t wear the wrong size shoes just because it was more convenient— or cheaper. So, why settle for synthetic therapy that doesn’t give you maximum relief from your problems? Unfortunately, most hormone replacement programs substitute synthetic for natural. But your body formerly produced hormones that can’t be synthetically reproduced! Hence, you’re not getting most of what your body formerly produced— or needs.




Dr. Jonathan Wright MD, oftentimes called the Doctor’s Doctor, states:


“―then it’s obviously best to use replacement therapy that duplicates what was NATURALLY there before menopause.”





The other problem you’ll find with conventional hormone replacement programs is they’re solely based on giving you MORE hormones, but what if your menopause symptoms are a result of having TOO MUCH of a particular hormone? Then what? After all that money spent, you’re still left with the misery you had to begin with….And sometimes it’s even worse; so called experts give a recommended hormone that throws everything else off its NATURAL balance which causes your symptoms to worsen while your cardiovascular health gradually fails!




Yes! There Are 12 Types Of Menopause




And because women have different menopausal symptoms and experiences, shouldn’t there be more than one approach? The one pill, one dose, one-size-fits-all method is NOT the solution. Treating you as a one-of-a-kind and addressing your symptoms, from our perspective, requires a very individualized approach. Your symptoms, indeed your needs, are not the same as your sister’s, sister-in-law’s or your neighbor’s! So why should your treatment be the same?





Fortunately, through advances in natural medicine, we can guide you to the product that is exactly right for YOU, tailored to address the imbalance in YOUR body. Using a precise, individualized approach instead of one-size-fits-all synthetic hormones gives you the advantage of getting therapy in the exact proportions your body needs and results in fewer sideeffects. But it is imperative that we determine which menopause type you are experiencing. With 12 types of menopause, not one, don’t you want to address the one that exactly fits you?





First, you need to take our free questionnaire to help determine which type you are; then your therapy can more exactly address your specific symptoms. Once we have your results, we work meticulously to ensure our plan completely alleviates your symptoms. Don’t waste another minute, delays in addressing menopause may worsen your symptoms and your cardiovascular health. Hit the survey button below to get started. We don’t want you to miss this opportunity to take control and enhance the quality of the second half of your life. And if you have any questions at all, give us a call, we’ll be happy to help you!




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Therapy starts @ $35.00/month (No Prescription required) 90-Day discount available






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