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No More Hot Flashes

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[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou wouldn’t wear the wrong size shoe just because it was cheap or convenient would you? Yet most women wait at their physician’s office for hours at a time, only to receive a “cure-all” drug that often does more harm than good, causing occasional infections or bleeding.




But what if you could take CONTROL of your hormones?





And have an enjoyable night’s sleep without waking up soaking wet? What about wiping out mood swings? Imagine what it would be like to have your own personal thermostat, to keep you cool in the middle of the night. Imagine staying cool as a cucumber even in the summer heat!





The good news is you CAN have an enjoyable menopause





–In fact, you may feel better than ever if you maintain the delicate balance between your hormones. And that is precisely what FEMARIN does for you…it makes perfect balance between estrogen and progesterone, -the ONLY scientific way to get rid of hot flashes and other menopausal challenges.





FEMARIN is a medical grade herbal formulation containing an ingredient called Oryzanol, which has been used for over 40 years by various groups to help women with hot flashes and hormonal imbalance. In fact it remains probably the best herb for ailments related to menopause since recent clinical studies have proven Oryzanol to show an 85% reduction in the symptoms of menopausal discomfort.   FEMARIN is all-natural, safe and side effect free and will help put an end to ALL the misery you’ve experienced thus far.





Unlike soy isoflavones and other folk remedies,





FEMARIN operates directly on the hypothalamus in the brain. It is the hypothalamus-pituitary axis in the brain that regulates hormone production in addition to temperature control. Thus, FEMARIN is able to help with a wider range of hormonal ailments because it starts at the top of the hormonal chain and supports other glands to work more efficiently. So while other herbs work indirectly at best, FEMARIN has a DIRECT effect on temperature control and hormone regulation. This direct effect translates into what may seem like an absolute cure of your hot flashes! Just read what some users are saying about this hormone regulator:





If you suffer from hot flashes you must try this. It’s not even been 3 weeks and my hot flashes diminished tremendously.” – Gwen E, Kennesaw





This product is part of a holistic regimen my pharmacist recommended to address perimenopause and all of the delightful symptoms associated with this phase of life. I feel awesome. The stress, fatigue, and depression, I was feeling has dissipated …. I no longer feel overwhelmed, sleep a SOLID 8 hours and can think clearly!” – Harriet V, Acworth





I have extreme bouts of hot flashes. I read that [Femarin] would help with that and menopause in general. IT DOES! It really does! The hot flashes have stopped dead, as long as I remember to take it.” – Marianne W, Acworth





If you experience hot flashes, and other uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, remember it is ONLY because of imbalance between your hormones. FEMARIN is exactly what you need to banish those symptoms and get back to enjoying life. If after complete use of FEMARIN you don’t experience impressive relief from hot flashes, simply return the empty bottles and you will receive a prompt refund of your purchase. So get FEMARIN today if you absolutely, positively want to put an end to your hot flashes.





BUY FEMARIN Call: 770-529-9277




    1. Carol, yes you can take Femarin with any medication other than hormone therapy. It is safe for you to take

  2. I have a hard time swallowing the capsules. Can I open them and add to water or food?

    1. Hi Linda. Yes you may open the capsules, adding it to food may be a better option so that you mask the taste of the herbs.

  3. Can you take Femarin with synthroid meds for Hypothyroidism?

    1. Hi Coleen. Yes you can safely take Femarin with Synthroid, just be sure to separate the doses by at least 1 hour

  4. If you have been a cancer patient can you take this medicine

    1. Thanks for your question Maria, yes Femarin is safe to take even for cancer patients. Have a great day!

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