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Quit Smoking Fast

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Did you know that smokers have nearly the highest death rate in America? In fact, if you are a smoker over age 40, statistically speaking, SOMEONE WITH TERMINAL CANCER HAS A GREATER CHANCE OF SURVIVAL according to the Center for Disease Control. They’ve proven smoking just 1 cigarette per day is enough to shorten your life span. So if you want to dodge the bullet QUITTING SMOKING is a decision you don’t have time to think about. To put matters into perspective, one American dies every 6 seconds from a tobacco related disease.



Have You Tried to Quit Smoking But Suffered

Horrendous Withdrawal Symptoms?



The good news is no matter how long or how much you’ve smoked, CIGAR-X, the all-natural smoking cessation kit can help you beat the odds and QUIT SMOKING FOR GOOD. With CIGAR-X we have an outstanding 95% success rate in people who not only abstained from smoking while taking it, but never smoked a single day after completing the program.


I’m happy to say this worked exactly as advertised! I had absolutely no desire to smoke and I could tell it cleaned me out of that nicotine. Just wanted you to know this worked really well for me.” – J. North







Would You Give an Alcoholic More Drinks To Get Him to Quit?




Of course not! Yet the gum, patches and drugs all take the aim of trying to help you quit by slowly weaning you off of nicotine –which you need to get rid of AT ONCE. You can NEVER quit this way because this intensifies nicotine withdrawal and sends you right back to smoking!


There’s about a 72% chance you’ll fail to quit smoking with common OTC products and prescription drugs. That’s because NONE of these conventional methods address the most difficult aspect of quitting which is DETOXIFYING the body from nicotine to fight dependence. CIGAR-X contains the first and only natural detox specifically designed for smokers.


What Makes CIGAR-X PLUS Work So Well?




  • It starts working from DAY ONE and you’re done in 7 DAYS

  • It TRICKS your brain into thinking you’re having a cigarette

  • It keeps you from feeling excruciating WITHDRAWAL


  • It CLEANSES your body

  • It KEEPS you from SCREAMING UNCLE and running back to old habits

  • It grants LONG TERM success to those who are serious about quitting

  • It shows you how MOST people fail so you can avoid the pitfalls



I have been a cigarette smoker for 40 years. Over the years, I have tried many ways to stop smoking. I failed at all of them eventually. I saw a 7-day program advertised on this site. What followed is difficult to put into words. I felt happy and relaxed. I did not have a thought of a cigarette. I never had a craving for a cigarette. It was absolutely amazing.” – M. Smith



Are You Thinking This Won’t Work?



CIGAR-X HAS worked for many people over the years, as long as you’re ready to quit, Cigar-X does ALL THE WORK for you… We even have just the tool to help with hand-mouth fixation — a tremendous obstacle for most smokers. In fact, this same tool will help conquer those tough urges to smoke that pop up here and there,  just select  CIGAR-X PLUS at checkout….

Are you thinking this all sounds too good to be true? Rest assured we are a REAL pharmacy with REAL patients who’ve tried Cigar-X and  we have maintained a 95% success rate since 2013 as shown by our many glowing reviews. In fact, CIGAR-X has been so successful for some that a local pulmonary doctor has been recommending it to his patients.   






Twenty minutes after you quit smoking your blood pressure begins to normalize, after two weeks your lung function improves, after 1 month  coughing and shallow breath goes away, after 1 year your heart disease risk DROPS by 50%, after 5 years your stroke risk is reduced to that of a non-smoker, after 10 years  your lung cancer risk is reduced by 50% while all other types of cancer are significantly reduced. Do you want these benefits for yourself or a loved one? Don’t put off this life changing decision. Each day puts you one step closer to DEATH.





In the time it takes to complete the last step of CIGAR-X, for the average smoker it will already have paid for itself (not to mention how much you’ll save afterwards). Keep in mind your purchase is RISK FREE with our 90-day GUARANTEE. If CIGAR-X fails to work as described after complete use of the kit, simply return the empty bottles for a full refund. Don’t become a statistic, consider the CIGAR-X program today. You have nothing to lose but your smoking habit. Are you ready to quit?



My husband has been smoking since he was a teenager and he was up to almost 4 packs per day, so when I saw this program ad in the paper I had to tell him about it. We have been so excited about his success that we asked his doctor to start recommending your program to other patients.” – A. Davis



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  1. How many people have tried it and why is it not in stores

    1. Hi Marcie, we have sold thousands of units of this product for the past several years with a very high success rate. You won’t find this in stores because this a private label product specifically manufactured for our pharmacy.

  2. I am interested in ordering. What herbs are in this product?

    1. Thanks for your question Elaine, I know the picture is not a very high resolution image. Here is the list:

      Licorice root, Passion flower, Siberian ginseng, Echinacea, Elderberry, Ginger, Barley, Bayberry root, Cayenne pepper, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Safflower
      Burdock root, Goldenseal, Alfalfa, Buckthorn, Cascara sagrada, Dandelion root, Hyssop leaf, Saint John’s Wort, GABA, Valerian root, CoQ10, Chammomile, Citric Acid Deionized water, Potassium sorbate

  3. What are the side affects

    1. Lisa there are no side effects with this product. However it does contains some herbs that are used as mild sedatives so we advise on the first day you use this that you note how it affects you before driving/operating heavy machinery

  4. How big are the pills & how many to take a day?

    1. Elizabeth the capsule is medium/average in size. The amount per day varies and we include the specific schedule on the instructions sheet with your purchase

  5. Very interested spouse and myself smoke I’m 66 and have smoked for 50 yrs. Tried quitting 100s of times with no luck.
    How does this package come one bottle for $109.95??

    1. Judy you get all 3 bottles in the kit, it is sold as a single unit to address all the challenges you’ll face once you quit.

  6. Can it be taken along with other prescriptions?
    Also how does it make you lose the smoking urge?

    1. Stephanie Cigar-X can be taken with nearly all —-. The only caution we give people is for those who regularly use anti-anxiety agents like —- Begin Cigar-X on a day where you don’t have to drive so you can see how it may affect your driving. The urge to smoke is reduced because the “reward” chemicals you release when smoking a cigarette are balanced by the herbs in Cigar-X

  7. Been smoking for 35 years need something to stop smoking

    1. Jimmy, CIGAR-X is quite an effective tool for those who are ready to quit.

  8. I want to quite I smoke 3packs a day

    1. Hank, if you’re ready to quit, CIGAR-X is definitely the way to go.

  9. Can u take it if u have high blood pressure I’m 57 I’ve been smoking sences I was 25 but I only smoke 1 pak a day and I only smoke ultra lights but I do want to quit

    1. Toni you most certainly can take CIGAR-X with high blood pressure. It will not affect your —- and once you quit it’s going to drastically reduce your risk for a heart attack/stroke.

  10. These are capsule’s? I can not swallow pills, never been able too. I had a very traumatic incident when I was 2 & have never been able to swallow pills. Is there another way to take this?

    1. Diane, yes these are capsules and unfortunately that’s the only way CIGAR-X comes

  11. Can diabetic folks take it?

    1. AJ, yes it’s absolutely safe for a Diabetic to use CIGAR-X

  12. Do you have some specials going on .can teenagers can use this

    1. Rizwana anyone over 18 can safely use this product. The only current offer with this product is the free shipping option with your purchase.

  13. How does it work for COPD people. In the worse stage ??

    1. Tammy, while we cannot accurately determine what will happen in your case, it has been documented that smoking cessation is more beneficial to COPD (in any stage) than taking —- for it. Please review the information on this link:

  14. Is this FDA Approved? How can i find out what all is in it? I am 59 years old been smoking since a teenager and i need help to quit but my health is not the greatest and i need to know what is in it, Thanks

    1. Hi Candi, this product is all natural and the FDA does not approve applications of natural medications. Please see the list of ingredients we outlined in this post in response to Elaine on 4/4/17

  15. How many pills a day do you have to take? How many pills do you get?

    1. Laura, Step A contains 60 capsules Step B is 40 capsules Step C is 60 capsules. The amount you take per day varies and we include the specific instructions for how to take it with your purchase

  16. I have no thyroid and take levothyroxine. Is that ok with this product?

    1. Kay —- is perfectly fine to take with CIGAR-X, there are no drug interactions

  17. When taking Cigar X will it also help with the appetite that comes along with trying to stop smoking..

    1. Linda, unfortunately this product does not suppress appetite. However our Shed LBS is an excellent appetite suppressant that controls cravings especially for junk food.

  18. Is it safe to take with anti depressants such as cymbalta? Since it contains St. John’s wort?

    1. Kathy that is a good question. St. John’s is in the maintenance formula (Step C) so it would be safest to gradually discontinue use of anti—– during the month that one is taking step C. Keep in mind that smokers often have “simulated” depression due to chemical dependence and this can typically resolve in the first few weeks of quitting. If you would like more information feel free to call or email us

  19. My mother has had 3 heart attacksand still smokes can she take this

    1. Joanne, we are sorry to hear about your mother’s condition. She would be able to use CIGAR-X with no problems, none of the ingredients will affect her heart or cardiovascular health. It is especially important with her condition that she refrains from smoking quickly

  20. I take medication for epilepsy and most of the stop smoking treatment drugs I can never take. How about this one?

    1. Deborah, the only agents CIGAR-X may interact with is anti-______ —- like ___, ______, or anti-_____. My only word of caution would be to see how it affects you before driving since ____ may also cause drowsiness

  21. My mother has heart disease COPD and poor kidney function. Would this product be safe for her to use since it contains potassium

    1. Michelle there is a small amount of potassium as a preservative found in Step D only. Since this is not a formula that has to be taken round the clock every day and is only used as needed, I think the risk is very small. I would only avoid it if her doctor told her she can’t have any potassium at all (many foods/drinks/meds have this as a preservative).

  22. If people have trouble swallowing capsules, why can’t they take them apart, or if tablets, crush them?

    1. Ruthie, the only caution we give with opening up the capsules is the taste of the powder inside, the herbs are quite bitter. Additionally it makes taking a dose inconvenient in a situation where old habits seem much more appealing.

  23. Hello ….I just received my cigar x order. I read the directions but have a question on the step a and b. Do you take them at the same time or do you do step a first and then proceed on to step b then c? I really want to succeed with this program. Thank you

    1. Hi Lisa. Yes, you are supposed to take both Step A and Step B at the same time during the week you start the program. After you finish that week, then start on Step C. We encourage you to use CBD as your crutch in overwhelming situations so keep it close by at all times. Thank you for your purchase and we wish you much success!

  24. Hi I have epilepsy and take Tegretol 200mg. Can I take this with Tegretol? Thanks!

    1. Betsy, the only agents CIGAR-X may interact with is anti-______ —- like ___, ______, or anti-_____. My only word of caution would be to see how it affects you before driving since ____ may also cause drowsiness

  25. when will Cigar X be in stock again

    1. Hi Lisa, we expect more to come in around Wed or Thursday this week. Sorry for any inconvenience

  26. when will Cigar X be back in stock? Also, Do you have anything to help people gain weight or increase their appetite? I know that is not a usual question.

    1. Hi Lisa, we have been in contact with the Lab since July. They were supposed to have it in November however are delayed in production, we have no projected date yet but can add you to our contact list when this comes back in stock. As far as appetite, we are looking into a full-spectrum CBD oil that may assist with appetite so we will definitely get back to you about these developments. Sorry we couldn’t be of more assistance at this time.

  27. Have you done any clinical trials, such as double blind, using placebo, peer reviewed ? If so, could you post the results?

    1. Steven, in order to do double blind placebo controlled trials you first have to acquire doctors that will dispense to individuals and record observations. We have spoken to numerous physicians in our area who refuse to discuss this product with since it is natural and not a synthetic drug.

  28. What are the ingredients .

    1. Deborah, to see the ingredients please go to Let us know if you have any questions!

  29. I take trazadone every night before bed. How this product effect me?

    1. Hi Katherine, Cigar-X will not alter the way —- performs for you. You can safely take it with no problems.

  30. Joseph the answer to your question is yes depending on the type of CBD you get. For that very reason we carry a THC free brand of CBD that’s high potency and still gets great results. Feel free to stop in or give us a call and our pharmacist will be glad to provide a free consult on what fits best for your needs.

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