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As Powerful as Berberine Is On its Own, There’s a New Discovery That Will Help Berberine Improve Your Numbers EVEN MORE…



[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t happens when you combine the glucose watchdog with a certain vitamin. But rest assured this is no ordinary vitamin. It acts more like a hormone in your body, and it’s the biological “master key” to healthier metabolism. In fact, our research unearthed scores of research papers linking high levels of this vitamin to healthy metabolism and weight…


Believe it or not, it’s… VITAMIN D! Scientists at The Mayo Clinic believe they have found receptors for Vitamin D on the cells of the pancreas responsible for release. A trial at the Royal London School of Medicine tested men over age 70. The men with low levels of vitamin D flunked their “glucose tolerance test”. This is because if you don’t have enough Vitamin D, your body’s production is probably not where it should be. So if a carb-heavy meal ever makes you feel like a train wreck—this could be part of the problem. Perhaps you are thinking I already take vitamin D and it hasn’t done a THING for my blood sugar” but that’s because there’s only ONE form of Vitamin D, called cholecalciferol at a concentrated dose, that’s even worth your time…and when you combine it with the glucose watchdog—you’ll have the foundation for healthy blood sugar for the rest of your life.




Combining Thorne Berberine-500  with Vitamin D3 will result in even tighter control of blood sugars. We especially recommend this for long-term Diabetics with high A1C percentages.  Don’t believe this will work? Get out your blood glucose monitor and take our 30-day challenge and see for yourself!  Try THORNE BERBERINE-500 and Vitamin D3 today, risk free.




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