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Dr. Doris Rapp, M.D warns all her patients about falling for the “Cholesterol Hoax”. Dr. Rapp is unforgiving of those who prescribe statin drugs and says “Over half the folks on statin drugs get coronary artery disease anyway, plus these drugs set them up for Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, impotence, suicide, cancer and an avalanche of drug-induced nutrient deficiencies that propel them toward accelerated aging.” YES you read that right, CANCER! Research shows Statins cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD); a condition which in time may cause cancer. And if that weren’t bad enough, research also points out that statin drugs WIPE OUT Co-Q10 levels, a vital nutrient without which the heart can literally STOP BEATING.




What Exactly Is The Hoax?




The fact is, reducing cholesterol with a drug is only a small part of the battle. You can still walk out of your pharmacy with pills in hand and end up in an ambulance ride to the nearest hospital (the same day)…or worse. Why? Because while reducing cholesterol is good, you still have to eliminate the free radicals that are floating around in your arteries just waiting to explode like a ticking TIME BOMB. Drugs do nothing to protect from these life-or-death molecules yet big pharma portrays their “miracle” statins as being the end-all-be-all for reducing cardiovascular risk…meanwhile Americans are still dropping like flies daily from preventable hazards.





So what should I do if I am concerned about taking statin drugs?





Well if you truly want to live longer while feeling better, your best option is to look into the groundbreaking research published by the International Journal of Cardiology and the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology. They’ve uncovered, two new  groundbreaking NATURAL extracts that just might be your TRUMP CARD in the fight against heart disease. The first extract known as BERGAMOT BPF performed BETTER at improving cholesterol panels than Crestor (in a head to head comparison) –yet BERGAMOT BPF does NOT cause a single side effect. In fact, unlike Statins, BERGAMOT BPF actually preserves your CO-Q10 levels while lowering total cholesterol, LDL’s, triglycerides and INCREASING HDL’s. But if that wasn’t enough, BERGAMOT BPF will also help maintain elasticity in your arteries while reducing arterial inflammation. Pay attention to numbers like CRP, apoB, and homocysteine at your next visit with your cardiologist …once you add BERGAMOT BPF you’ll see those numbers drop dramatically –along with your doctor’s mouth when they see you do what a Statin could NOT.






Additionally, BERGAMOT BPF acts like a TEFLON COATING on your arteries helping them to stay smooth and supple, not rigged and brittle like they often are when a heart attack or stroke is imminent. And you know those pesky free-radicals… (the REAL cause of any heart attack) they’re the ones that damage blood vessels and cause blood clots or plaques to break off and block arteries. In essence if these free-radicals are totally blocked, a heart attack cannot take place. Luckily, BERGAMOT BPF is an antioxidant –and a particularly POTENT one at that…blocking the oxidation of cholesterol and free radicals that damage arterial walls. So there you have it –the KING of heart supplements that makes it easy to reduce cholesterol, inflammation, arterial pressure and reduces your risk of having a tragic cardiac event.







Does that sound too good to be true? The good news is you aren’t the first to hear about BERGAMOT BPF, I’ve meticulously gathered feedback from clients to see what their doctors have been finding:






When my cholesterol reached 280, I commenced taking Bergamot, which I obtained from my pharmacist. After taking Bergamot for just one month, my cholesterol dropped significantly. Since then it has been dropping slowly, and consistently, recently being measured at 225. I never thought my cholesterol would drop 55 points! I’m feeling really terrific about his recommendation, especially since my HDL has also increased. I am absolutely elated.” – Barbara R, Acworth




These stellar results are the reason why real doctors who practice cutting-edge medicine like Dr. Julian Whitaker, MD recommend BERGAMOT for individuals looking to lower cholesterol the complete way. Dr. Whitaker comments on BERGAMOT:





Bergamot lowers LDL cholesterol almost as effectively as the wildly popular cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. I’ve seen it also raises HDL cholesterol—something statins cannot do. This is important because unlike LDL, which builds up in the plaque deposited in diseased arteries, HDL escorts cholesterol out of the arteries to the liver. Therefore, a low HDL level is an independent risk factor for heart disease. [A cholesterol panel can drop 20-40%]. These are impressive results for any intervention, let alone a nutritional supplement.”






So let’s briefly review what’s going to happen when you start taking BERGAMOT BPF; after just 90 days your  cholesterol and LDL’s will start to come down lower than you could with diet changes. Your HDL’s will soar higher than with any drug you’ve tried and higher than with exercise alone. Triglycerides will be escorted out of your body from your new healthy liver. Arteries will be under less pressure as circulation improves. AND your CO-Q10 levels will raise, helping your heart to pump efficiently and flooding your body with youthful energy! And let’s not forget the best part of what will happen after you’ve been on BERGAMOT BPF …at your 2nd cholesterol reading your cardiologist will do a double-take after seeing labs like LDL particle number or size reduced to half on your chart and being forced to admit it couldn’t be done WITHOUT taking BERGAMOT BPF. Don’t be alarmed if your doctor doubts what you’re doing because frankly, they don’t see such dramatic results with prescriptions.






You’ll never find peace-of-mind with the scare of liver cancer, cardiac arrest or Diabetes from taking Statins, and you’ll never rest easy trying some fad diet (or exaggerated internet miracle) and hoping for the best. You’ll only know what it’s like to put the fear of heart-attacks behind you for good once you start taking BERGAMOT BPF. And there’s no need to waste time being skeptical about all this because we guarantee these results for you! Get BERGAMOT BPF (without a prescription) today and keep it up for 6 months. If you don’t get great news at your 2nd check-up, return your empty bottles for a hassle-free refund. If you’re interested in living a longer, healthier life get BERGAMOT BPF today.



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  2. Do you stop taking —- while taking this ?

    1. Patrick the answer is technically no and yes. You don’t stop taking your —- until you start seeing consistent, positive lab readings with your doctor. Even after discontinuing the —-, we recommend you maintain a low-fat diet.

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