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[dropcap]A[/dropcap] few minutes from now, you’ll have an opportunity to join a select group of men… men who NEVER wake up 4, 5, or 6 times a night to rush to the bathroom. Because in this short, eye-opening report, I’m going to reveal an astonishing shift in the way you understand how to maintain your prostate health—something called the “4 pillars of a perfect prostate.” It’s a brand new approach to avoiding BPH and it could change your life.




I guarantee it’ll surprise you, but this secret could help you forget all about those infuriating nighttime trips to the bathroom. Imagine, night after night of more restful, rejuvenating sleep…But that’s not all. With this powerful new knowledge on your side, you could soon be:





 Taking control of your bathroom urges so you’re never caught in an embarrassing situation again

 Making it through movies, ball games, and rounds of golf without rushing to the john every 15 minutes

 Enjoying a POWERFUL and steady stream

 Never hearing that humiliating question from your wife: “honey, did you go before we left?”

 Relaxing in total comfort, without that awful nagging urge to go again




But listen. This is about A LOT MORE than maintaining your prostate health. It’s about taking your life back and not putting up with a problem when there’s something you can easily do about it. After all, is it too much to ask to pee normally, sleep all night, and have explosive sex? Of course not! And that’s what this report is all about.





But You’re Probably Wondering Why This Is ANY

Different From All The Other So-Called “Prostate Breakthroughs”





I’d be willing to bet that you’ve tried at least one of these BPH supplements before. Maybe saw palmetto? And it did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for you? But there’s new research pointing to a startling conclusion— indicating that your prostate needs 4 “pillars” of targeted nutrition to give you REAL RELIEF. Your prostate is a very complex organ. And it needs a complex blend of nutrients to keep working properly, especially as you get along in years. So if you’re what they call a “high-mileage man”— you’ll want to pay close attention. Each of the 4 “pillars” of prostate-specific nutrients is a combination of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts. And each one addresses a key part of your total prostate health. In study after study, scientists have shown that one ingredient alone just doesn’t cut it. (In fact, one study proved that saw palmetto alone FAILS for more than half of the men who take it.)






It’s only when you combine Saw Palmetto with the extract of a certain European herb that it forms a nutritional “platform” your prostate can use. But that’s just the beginning. When you combine 4 of these prostate-targeted “platforms” into one bph supplement, that’s when you can look forward to REAL relief. That’s when I can GUARANTEE you won’t be disappointed.





 The first Pillar is The Foundation of Perfect Prostate Nutrition: Saw Palmetto and Urtica Dioica.





Now I know what you’re thinking—‘didn’t I just read that Saw Palmetto can be pretty much useless?’ Yes, pretty much useless—on its own. But team it up with a strange-sounding plant and get ready for blessed relief! But first, you MUST start with the best form of saw palmetto. All you really need to know: the ONLY way to get the most out of saw palmetto is with a specific kind of extract. It has to come from the berries of the plant, and it must be standardized. (That “standardized” part is important—it means the extract is rigorously tested to contain a specified amount of the ACTIVE ingredients.) Now the perfect saw palmetto “sidekick” is a European plant called Urtica Dioica, also known as nettle root. It’s a flowering herb that’s rich in compounds called phytosterols. Together with the fatty acids from saw palmetto, they may help to block the enzyme that turns testosterone into its evil twin, DHT. What could this mean for you? Well, no matter how long it’s been since you had a long, powerful, completely satisfying urination—you don’t have to wait any longer. Now you can help open up those floodgates and let it ALL go—all at once. Then you can relax, and enjoy that feeling of sweet relief—knowing you may not have to go again for HOURS… But this dynamic duo in this BPH supplement is only the first pillar.




The Second Pillar Is Probably Something You’ve Probably

Heard of Before Named Pygeum Africanum.




It comes from the bark of an exotic African tree. Bushmen have used it for thousands of years to deal with urinary symptoms. And unlike saw palmetto, Pygeum CAN work some minor wonders by itself. In one non-placebo controlled study, men who took Pygeum alone reduced their nighttime peeing 32% and they saw a surge in maximum urinary flow rate. For you that may mean less of that “never-ending urge” –that “why can’t I get it all out?” feeling. And it means NOT having to dehydrate yourself in the evening just so you can sleep through the night.




The Third Pillar Is The Trace Mineral Copper




Which can be commonly found in sesame seeds, turnip greens and spinach. Copper is known by researchers of Duke University because they found it to have numerous benefits which include preventing prostatitis, chronic pelvic pain syndrome and benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). Getting control of BPH is key because it’s the overgrowth of prostate cells that push on the bladder and not only make you feel like running to the John every 5-minutes but also it leaves less room for those vital chords that carry semen…and I think we all know what that means right? Besides it’s a God-send to find this type of relief naturally because between you and me those drug companies may have a personal mission to make older men impotent –don’t believe me? Look up the side effects on your BPH medication or check with your local pharmacist.





Zinc and Selenium.




There’s more zinc in your prostate than anywhere else in your body. This is one of those mysteries scientists still haven’t quite solved. No one knows exactly why zinc is so important to your prostate. But one thing is clear: zinc, along with selenium, are two of the manliest minerals on earth. They’re both crucial to healthy fertility… And they’re even more important for a healthy prostate. Studies show they’re directly involved in something called “apoptosis” which is the technical term for cell death. Now, cell death sounds like a bad thing—and most of the time, it is. But when your goal is to keep your prostate to a healthy size, you need some cells to die off. In this case, it’s not just a good thing— it’s the only way to maintain a truly healthy prostate in the years to come! That’s why the 4 pillars of prostate health are so important.




Now let’s think and be honest, what BPH supplements are you currently using for your prostate health? Is it addressing all the pillars of prostate health? If so you should already be enjoying the freedom of not having to map out the nearest restroom, enjoying a glass of water in the evening and sleeping like a baby without having to get up 6 times through the night, you should already be enjoying a REAL EJACULATION and satisfying sex. If not, PROSTATROL FORTE the premier, money-back GUARANTEED prostate supplement, has you covered with the 4 pillars. Get PROSTATROL FORTE today if you want to reclaim your manhood!



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