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[dropcap]I[/dropcap] there really a way to reverse memory loss and restore mental clarity, simply by triggering the brain cells to produce more ATP? What If I told you this safe, natural substance has been a prescription memory drug in Europe for over 20 years, but much to the chagrin of the FDA, it can now be sold in the U.S. as a dietary supplement.



As the famous cowboy movie star John Wayne grew older, he appeared sharp as a tack in his television appearances and movie roles. But privately, he complained of memory loss. What was particularly aggravating to him was his growing inability to remember the names of people – sometimes even people close to him.



Were John Wayne still alive today, he’d be very happy to know that a safe, all-natural solution for mild to moderate memory loss is now available. This supplement is called Vinpocetine, and it is widely known for its astonishing ability to boost brain power, enhance concentration and retention, and sharpen mental focus and performance without any significant negative side effects.



Bernd Wollschlaeger, M.D., a Florida-based board-certified family physician who is also the associate editor of the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (JANA), says Vinpocetine is one of the mainstays of his practice when it comes to patients complaining of memory loss and mild cognitive impairment. According to Dr. Wollschlaeger:



“All of the peer-reviewed studies I’ve seen found a significant improvement in cognitive function with Vinpocetine. Until Vinpocetine, we physicians have had nothing to prevent cognitive decline. We only have drugs to treat after the fact. With safe, natural Vinpocetine, patients see comparatively rapid improvement in memory functions as well as enhancement of learning and recall and overall alertness. Results are often seen in only seven to ten days. What’s more, there have been more than 100 clinical studies conducted on Vinpocetine, with over 30,000 patients, proving its safety and effectiveness.”



Most clinical trials on Vinpocetine have involved the use of doses ranging from 10 to 30 mg. per day. These studies have demonstrated that while lower doses of 10 to 20 mg. per day can be very helpful, in virtually every case it has been the 30 mg. per day dosage (i.e., 10 mg. taken three times a day) that has exerted the greatest therapeutic benefits in terms of boosting memory, concentration and mental acuity. While the beneficial effects of Vinpocetine are quite noticeable after only a few days of use (many people literally “feel the difference” the very first day), the full range of therapeutic benefits associated with Vinpocetine usage are often not derived until it has been used on a daily basis for a full 90 days.


“I’ve been taking Membrin for two months and I have noticed a big change in my life. I am more alert and a lot less forgetful. People don’t believe I’m ninety three years old! I am looking forward to even more improvements in the quality of my life due to using Membrin.” –William B.


U.S. researcher Josh Reynolds observed a common ‘disturbance’ in aging brains, one that may be the primary cause of degrading memory and concentration powers.  He saw evidence that older brains were ‘gasping for additional oxygen,’ a condition caused by poor blood circulation. Insufficient circulation, reduces oxygen to the brain, a sign of premature mental decline. This also restricts the supply of critical brain specific antioxidants and nutrients. Reduced blood flow has another brain-numbing effect: it slashes the number of neurotransmitters in the brain, the messenger molecules used by the brain to help form thoughts, retrieve memories, and help its owner stay focused and on-task. Fewer neurotransmitters circulating in the brain translates to concentration and memory woes.



So what does MEMBRIN have to do with this process?



It helps tired, forgetful brains to ‘snap awake’. This natural memory pill is to your aging, sluggish brain, what a breath of fresh air is to your lungs. It works so well,  that the many users report not only see improvements in their memory, mood and concentration, but they also regained lost brainpower equal to that of someone 15 years younger, all in a 30-day time period!



Do you want to have a younger brain? You can reverse brain aging with our outstanding formula called MEMBRIN, one simple daily capsule. If that wasn’t enough, it has been combined with Gingko Biloba and Huperzine, two other brain-boosting powerhouses. The result is a world-class brain rejuvenating cure for fogginess, forgetfulness, feeling dull and inability to perform mentally. But don’t take our word for it; take the 90-day challenge for yourself. If after trying a full bottle of MEMBRIN you are unable to notice any benefit at all, simply return the empty bottle for a no-questions-asked refund. You have nothing to lose but a bad memory…so try MEMBRIN today!


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