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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here’s a brand-new breakthrough that’s been kept well hidden from the general public for some time…It’s called Diaxinol. And it just might be enough to keep your loved ones from hovering over you every time you sit down at the dinner table. You won’t have to hear “Should you really be eating that?” And you won’t feel like you need to sneak into the kitchen for a decadent snack when no one’s looking. It might even help you silence another diabetes lecture from your doctor the next time you go in for a checkup.




Now, it doesn’t mean you can start eating

like a kid in a candy store…



But it means you can feel confident knowing you’re doing a little something extra to keep feeling your best. In other words…You’ll be feeling sharp and alert…instead of sluggish and cloudy. You’ll know you’re taking bold steps toward being set free from worsening diabetes…Best of all, you can live your life without thinking about sugar spikes and “food guilt” every minute of the day!




Now If You’re Taking medication for Diabetes And…





  • Still find it’s very difficult to lose weight no matter how hard you try

  • Always feel drained of energy, tired and sluggish

  • Get bad news at your doctor’s office about your cholesterol

  • Find you have frequent mood swings and poor memory

  • Find you get colds and other infections often




I have bad news for you, because all of those symptoms are a sign of out of control blood sugar and that means your medication is doing a poor job of controlling your Diabetes. But don’t blame your doctor just yet, he or she is limited by what Big Pharma puts out on the market. And to be honest those sharks are just looking for creative ways to keep you from dying long enough to turn a giant profit  …So isn’t it time to do something for yourself that actually keeps you from having to hear more lectures, add more pills, and stick yourself with more injections?






What makes Diaxinol so powerful is that it contains a potent combination of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Biotin and Cinnulin. This combination spells SWEET VICTORY for any Diabetic because ALA acts like a taxi for sugar molecules, driving them into the muscle where they belong so they get burned for energy instead of being stored as fat. Biotin turbo-charges activity in the pancreas, increasing the number of Beta cells and their production of enhancing sensitivity and accelerating sugar metabolism. And finally Cinnulin (a patented Cinnamon extract) substantially increases glucose tolerance which means you can withstand more calories before your glucose levels spike; at the same time Cinnulin reduces resistance, and increases lean body mass while reducing body fat–and that’s why Diaxinol is worthy of every penny of its production. Because in short order you’ll see:



  1. Your blood sugar begin to balance

  2. Your body begin to produce and utilize more efficiently

  3. Your cholesterol stop creeping up and up

  4. It’s easier to maintain a healthy weight and reduced cravings

  5. Increases in your energy levels and less energy crashes

  6. A sharper mind and elevated moods

  7. A stronger immune system

  8. Better protection of your heart, kidneys, eyes and overall health







Are You Thinking “Yeah, Right?”

Don’t Be Skeptical Yet, We Have Proof!



In one clinical trial, 22 people with type 2 Diabetes who were taking oral diabetes drugs also took 600 mg of ALA daily. Participants experienced significant reductions in blood sugar, hemoglobin A1C and glycosylated plasma protein levels. More remarkably, at the end of the 18-month study, the participants were able to reduce their drug dosages, and five of the study subjects were able to effectively maintain normal blood sugar levels with the ALA alone. Further research investigated the additional use of Biotin and concluded, “the beta cells may be regenerated in type 2 diabetic patients on Biotin.”




“A1c keeps getting lower every 6 months I have my labs drawn. . . it’s 5.9 now and I started in the “diabetic” range of over 7! No more burning feet at night either I’ve noticed.” -Scott

“Saw this advertised in a flyer. My doctor suggested I go ahead and try this after needing to stop because of major side effects. It may sound amazing but this actually lowered my sugar better than the drug. Nice to use something without side effects.” – Joilen



In another study, researchers gave 24 men and women with diabetes 250 mg of Cinnulin or placebo twice daily. Cinnulin helped to maintain healthy blood sugar levels in 83% of subjects in the treatment group, compared to 33% in the placebo group. Cinnulin has also been shown to support healthy body composition by increasing lean body mass while reducing body fat.  Researchers found that the addition of Cinnulin helped to improve glucose measurements during the 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes following a carbohydrate meal.



My pharmacist recommended this supplement along with diet changes to help lower my blood sugar. My A1C had gotten as high as 7.2, just over 8 month after that I was down to 5.8 and lost about 10 lbs. A little pricey but worth it. – Jack


All of that research proves why one of our customers recently had this to say after trying Diaxinol for a month: “My sugar readings steadily fell from hovering between 130-140 through the day down to the low 100’s. My last reading was a 99 and my doctor said my A1C is down from a 7.4 to 6.2 since the last visit.” – Warren M.


If you’re like most other Diabetics you have noticed over the years that the amount of prescriptions you take, their doses and costs have only increased. But now it’s time for you to try something that is going to support your body right at the core of Diabetes. Diaxinol helps support the function of beta cells on your pancreas. The result of this support in the pancreas is more natural production of better control of Diabetes while being able to scale back on prescription drugs. These results have been substantiated by countless cases just as the ones you have seen listed here. So get DIAXINOL today if you want control over Diabetes.


Combine with Thorne Berberine-500  and Vitamin D 50,000 IU for ultimate sugar control


  1. Can this be taken for people Type 1 Diabetes.

    1. Thanks for your question Rebecca. Diaxinol can be taken by a Type 1 diabetic, however it may only reduce the amount of ins. needed. Type 1 diabetics will still be dependent on ins. if using this product.

      1. Had the same question as Rebecca. Thanks for this reply.

  2. I presume that Diaxanol would be good for someone who has pre-diabetes. Are there any studies on this possibly preventing full blown diabetes? Also concerned if it’s safe for someone like me who has had Breast Cancer & completed chemotherapy & radiation. I’ve heard folks say there may be a link between chemo & high blood sugar following chemo.

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